Often referred as a magical potion, Epoxy is extensively

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-14
However, preparation prior to actually using the paint is the secret to a great paint job. You not only have to choose the right product but also prepare the surface where the coating is to be applied in order to get outstanding results. Since epoxy paints are formulated keeping in view the particular task, it's a good idea to take a stock of expected use of the surface and environmental factors before applying the paint. Selecting the right paint would go a long way in increasing the durability of the finished coating. Preparing the surface is the next important step once the paint has been selected which is done by blasting. For floors, shot blasting is used and for structures, mostly sand blasting. It not only removes stains or remains of any old paint that may interfere with adhesion of the new application of epoxy but also cause a profile. The epoxy begins to cure the moment base and curing agent is mixed so paints are mixed in a set proportion right at the job site and then you have a very limited amount of time to apply the mixture on the surface. Just like other paints, epoxy also has optimum film thickness which can only be achieved when right amount of mixture is applied to the surface. Only an expert can brush, roll or trowel the coating into place so that it is neither too thick nor too thin. You would need epoxy application with several coats for its finish to be durable. Between coats, epoxy is left to cure for a fixed amount of time and next coat has to be applied at the right time when the previous coat has reached the most favorable condition. If left for too long, the new coat won't settle into the previous layer. Alternatively, if left for too less a time the new coat would interfere with the previous layer's curing process. Once epoxy application is complete and final coat is laid, it is left for curing which may take several days. Final curing makes epoxy coating a strong and lasting shield which not only saves the underlying surfaces from any harm but also makes it more attractive.
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