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by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-02
Each of the Swarovski spotting scope models is a high definition instrument with premium features. Swarovski ATS delivers outstanding performance, not matter how extreme the weather conditions are and how bad the light conditions are. A far cry from weighty devices, it weighs only 45.2 ounces. With a measure of 13.98 inches in size, it is compact and concise. Having the dark exterior with greyish green finish, the model steals the show with professional users. The sleek and slim cylindrical body makes it easy to fit in almost everywhere. The High Definition optic glass of Swarovski ATS models comes with 80mm aperture allowing for the transmission of maximum light, which is an essential condition for crystal clear pictures with bright resolution. The entire exterior and the optical lenses are covered with multi-layer coating which is protective of the scope against the detrimental effects of environment. With coating, the lenses and the external surface are resistant to water as well as fog. It ensures increased durability of the scope. The coated optical lenses reduce blur, thereby enhancing the image quality and producing sharper images. The HD optical glass of the Swarovski ATS comes with an angled design, to suit the requirement for bird watching. The HD glass is fitted with an ocular lens whose focal lenth is 460mm. 16.4 feet is the shortest focal distance. The spotting scope comes packed in a case. It is convenient and comfortable to carry the scope in the case. The exterior is layered with magnesium. The magnesium coating lengthens the durability of the device. Images produced by the HD fluoride lenses come with perfect contrast. The lens surface of the Swarovski ATS features a Swaroclean coating. The coating makes it easy to remove insect repellants and mineral residues. The ATS HD glass has the capacity to absorb sound and shock. Besides being dustproof, the scope can work properly under submerged conditions. Added to the reliability of the Swarovski ATS is a lifetime warranty. It pushes up the market demand for this spotting scope model.
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