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In the field of coated paper, the industry has seen a lot of activities.
As discussed in our last article (
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The overall demand for print advertising has declined, and economic pressure has prompted some customers to turn their attention to lower quality and lower prices.
Manufacturers of coated paper must also learn to adapt to the changing tastes of the increasingly global market.
New coating technology-
Including some borrowed from other industries. -
Commitment to further change the manufacturer of coated paper.
In the second of two articles on coating, we ask industry experts to look into their crystal balls and see what will happen in the future. NON-
New, non-contact sports
Contact coating methods such as curtain coating and spray coating are increasingly favored by paper makers who want to reduce manufacturing costs while improving efficiency and productivity.
According to Nick Triantafillopoulos, director of Polymer Innovation and member of the TAPPI editorial board, Akron OMNOVA Solutions, Ohio, USA, both technologies are borrowed from other industries.
\"The Curtain coating has been used in photography and other professional media industries for the past 40 years.
The extensive patents held by these industries to prevent these processes from being used elsewhere have now expired . \"\"As a pre-
Through the metering coating process, the curtain coating increases the substrate coverage by manufacturing bulky coatings, while it provides the opportunity to reduce web strength requirements and reduce web breakage.
The applied thickness of the coating film depends on the ratio of the volume flow rate/width to the network speed, which is a function of the coating flow.
Therefore, the precise control of coating thickness and the ability of multi-coatingLayered coating.
The latter offers an opportunity to apply multiple-
Even different paint recipes-for one-
Step coating can eliminate the demand for multiple coating heads with high coating
High quality differentiated products.
The disadvantage is that the curtain coating machine can only be applied to one side of the net at a time. \"The spray-
Coating method is based on a spray fan that produces coating color droplets that are horizontal and produce profiles under surface impact
Type coverage, continued \"triantafillobaulos.
\"This technology provides the possibility to improve the efficiency of the coating process, and the network breaks less than the traditional technology of direct mechanical contact metering.
A reduction in the strength requirements of the base paper may reduce the Kraft content in the LWC (
Light weight coated paper)
This reduces the cost of supply.
It can also be used for coatings on substrates such as rotonews basestock and newsprint.
However, spraying applications put forward new requirements for color formulation strategies to achieve optimal atomization and new requirements for substrate performance to obtain the best level and smooth coverage of droplets.
According to the cloud-
Long Pan, product development manager at Hamilton Smart paper, Ohio, said the two methods provide the greatest economic benefits in special niche applications, \"Machine speed and machine width are not the most important parameters to measure profitability.
This is because, despite the advantages of the new coating methods, they have their own limitations.
These restrictions-
For example, machine speed, width, bubbles in the coating, vibration on the head of the coating machine, nozzle blockage and maintenance of shooting accuracy--
Prevent them from being used in a typical paper coating environment.
\"Commercially, these technologies will only be adopted if the industry can find the capital to invest in new equipment, then develop products that provide the best synergy for new technologies and corresponding marketing support.
\"Most likely, they will appear on new coated paper machines, or on upgrades that have never been coated with paper to the coated paper production line,\" said storlaine USA, Wisconsin, Wisconsin.
With the improvement of supporting technology, more and more factories begin to use online
Line coating of LWC grade.
Experts expect this trend to continue until the current use of off-line coating.
\"Significant advantages gained from on-efficiency
Sharad Agarwal, product manager, said: \"line coating makes it the best choice for new coating applications
Coating free board products, coating and SC paper from International Paper Company
\"Improvement of basic inventory manufacturing --including draw-
Free wet end, single
Felted dryer part and computerized process control--
Charles P. , consultant, added: \"reduce the frequency of rest . \"(Chuck)
Klass is a member of the editorial board of TAPPI.
\"The use of the measuring-sized tablet press is increasing, which also helps to reduce the possibility of breakage of the coating machine.
Variable cost is lower for on-Machine coating.
On the other hand, it could be value-
Will continue to use off-develop additional special coating grades
Machine coating machine and production t
Machines in the early stages of the product life cycle.
\"For high-volume grades that require little change, on-
Line painting has obvious economic advantages.
However, in the case of many grade changes, the special coating grade produced in a smaller volume requires increased flexibility and should probably remain off-line coating.
The digital age?
Concerns about efficiency and flexibility have stimulated the growth of another hot coating topic: digital printing.
In the coating grade, the most direct impact of digital printing is the packaging.
\"Packaging is an ideal application for digital printing because the amount of information involved is variable,\" Pan said . \".
\"In general, traditional coated paper or cardboard does not meet the needs of digital printing very well.
In order to be compatible with digital printing applications, coating formulations must be specifically designed.
Klass agrees that digital printing may be widely accepted, especially in the short term, just-in-
Time, high quality corrugated carton and flexible packaging applications.
\"Time and cost efficiency of Pre-press and make-
Readiness is the main factor.
\"Implementing digital printing in packaging applications will require the development of a new grade of coated linerboard and wrapping paper, but there is a huge market potential.
\"That said, not all the experts we talked to agreed.
\"At present, we do not think that digital printing has a significant impact on coated paper, because the digital breakthrough affecting the users of coated paper is mainly in the pre-press area.
In addition, the vast majority of publications using coated paper are offset or recessed, \"said manager Rick Schneider.
Catalog Marketing, coating and SC paper for International Paper.
Coated paper.
Will SCA\'s new \"coated newsprint\" grade gain market share in hot-solid offset printing from SCA?
According to Benjamin, the decline in demand for newsprint has prompted some producers to look for new products for their machines.
\"From the operational point of view of the printing room, when the\" coated news item \"grade becomes acceptable, they will have the opportunity to start competing with SCA.
\"Wider, faster machines will be the best place to replace SCA,\" he said . \".
When comparing the two, Schneider said, trade-offs need to be considered.
Unlike SCA, coating helps printing for coated press grade;
In addition, the sheets tend to be more bulky.
\"However, these sheets are available in a very limited range of base weights, and paper aesthetics is often a disadvantage,\" he added . \".
\"With these trade-offs in mind, some applications may move from SCA to coated paper.
Pan pointed out: \"This has already happened for hot-solid offset printing.
\"With pre-
Measurement film printing technology combined with on-
The soft clip of the line is pressed, and the coated press paper can be relatively good in printing quality and economy.
The relatively open press paper base with a low weight coating on the surface is especially suitable for hot solid offset printing, because blistering is a problem.
\"However, print the SC grade on the heating device --
Klass warned that there could be problems with the offset press.
\"There is no adhesive to keep the paint on the surface and there may be problems with water sensitivity, outlet expansion and milking.
If the hot sleeve offset press sets the printing press to run the SC paper specifically, these problems can be overcome by proper management of ink cartridges, fountain solutions and printing machine operating conditions.
Many large publication printers, however, run SC and coated paper alternately.
The new coated journalism Grade provides an economical alternative to the blade
Coated LWC paper.
\"In this article you will learn: * non
Contact coating method.
* The meaning of digital printing on coated paper.
* Is it possible to replace SCA paper with coated newsprint grades.
Additional resources: * for books and CD-
Access to www for ROM material about coating and coated paper. tappi.
Organize and click TAPPI Press.
* \"Coated paper: it\'s a brand new game,\" Bottiglieri, Solutions, January!
Magazine, May 2002, page. 32-35.
Www is also available online. tappi.
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