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Must read before purchasing vacuum coating equipment

Must read before purchasing vacuum coating equipment


Must read before purchasing vacuum coating equipment

On the basis of understanding the basic concepts of vacuum coating equipment, many people are entangled in how to buy. Next, I will help you solve this problem. These little knowledge points will definitely be helpful to you. Take out the small books and remember!

 First of all, we must know the scope of use of vacuum coating machines. If you imagine it out of thin air, it must be difficult. Vacuum coating equipment can be used on construction hardware, such as door locks and faucets. It can also be used in watchmaking. Every small watch is inseparable from this large vacuum coating equipment. Women's favorite gold and silver jewelry is also inseparable from it. Buying vacuum coating equipment from the manufacturer, the first thing you do is to read the relevant manuals. An manual can tell you all the common sense about this vacuum coating equipment. The above parameters are also important information to distinguish whether a piece of equipment is of high quality. . The next step is to let professional personnel to check whether each operation control switch of this vacuum coating machine is in the "off" position. Then turn on the main power supply, let the machine energize, start the vacuum coating equipment, pull out the low pressure valve completely, and open the machine's inflation valve. Only when the airflow sound is not heard at all, can the rising bell valve be activated to raise the bell. At this time, the worker will install and fix the tungsten spiral heater, and then completely fix the PVDF film and aluminum cover on the rotating disc of the vacuum coating equipment, and then put the aluminum wire into the spiral heater. The last thing to do is to thoroughly clean up the parts inside the bell jar, and make sure that there are no impurities inside.

 Many people ask me what high vacuum the vacuum coating equipment can achieve. It should be noted here that the high vacuum in the traditional sense is not a true vacuum. In fact, a vacuum in the true sense does not exist. As far as current science and technology are concerned, there is absolutely no vacuum. No matter how advanced the technology is, it will not take away everything in an environment.

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