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Multiple arc ion coating machine

Multiple arc ion coating machine


Multiple arc ion coating machine

PVD vacuum coating machine

Multiple arc ion coating machine not only can coating single metal and alloy, but also can obtain metal and non-metal compound coating which can not be obtained by electroplating and chemical plating. The hardness and wear resistance of the coating are very high. If it is used for cutting tools, the cutting strength, speed and service life of the tools can be greatly improved, the cutting process can be improved, and the machining accuracy can be improved.

The basic technical requirements of vacuum coating machine are as follows:

   1. The structure of vacuum pipes and static sealing parts (flanges, sealing rings, etc.) in the vacuum coating machine should meet the requirements of GB/T6070.

  2. Vacuum measuring gauges should be installed on the low and high vacuum pipelines and the vacuum coating chamber to measure the vacuum degree of each part respectively. When an electric field is found to cause interference to the measurement, an electric field shielding device should be installed at the measurement port.

  3. If the main pump used in the equipment is a diffusion pump, an oil vapor trap should be installed on the side of the air inlet of the pump.

  4. The coating room of the equipment should be equipped with an observation window and a baffle device. The observation window should be able to observe the conditions of the deposition source and other key parts. 5. The design of the ion plating deposition source should maximize the ionization rate during the coating process, increase the utilization rate of the coating material, reasonably match the power of the deposition source, and reasonably arrange the position of the deposition source in the vacuum chamber.

  6. Reasonably arrange the heating device. The general heater structure layout should make the temperature rise of the plated workpiece uniform.

  7. The workpiece holder should be insulated from the vacuum chamber body, and the workpiece holder should be designed to make the workpiece film uniform.

   8. Ion coating equipment should generally have a negative bias of the workpiece and an ion bombardment power supply. The ion bombardment power supply should have a device to suppress abnormal discharge and maintain stability.

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