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Multi-function optical pvd coating equipment customized

Multi-function optical pvd coating equipment customized


Multi-function optical pvd coating equipment customized 

The machine is equipped with umbrella-shaped multi-sheet fixture or single arched workpiece umbrella holder, with different evaporation sources, electron guns, ion sources and film thickness gauges. It can be used to deposit various film systems, evaporate metals, oxides, compounds and other high melting point materials, and realize superhard coating on glass surface.


Optical coating machine can produce Reflection film, filter, optical lens, electronic product, acrylic, glass, lamp, mobile window, glasses, diving mirror, telescope, microscope, stage light, lighting lampshade, mobile phone shell and so on. It can produce in magic, gold,sliver, red, yellow, green, blue and other colors.

vacuum coating machine

This problem is often encountered when using vacuum coating equipment. The pumping speed of vacuum coating machine is too slow and too low. So what is the solution to this situation? How to improve its pumping speed?

1. If it is the first time to use the vacuum coating machine, you can pump while heating (usually around 200 ℃) for 1-2 hours to remove water vapor and attachments.

2. In the production of vacuum evaporation coating machine, the product must be completely dried in the oven before entering the furnace for coating.

3. The mechanical pump of vacuum evaporation coating machine increases or increases the refrigerant.

4. Maintain and replace mechanical pump, diffusion pump oil and roots pump regularly.

5, regularly remove the surface film layer to reduce the amount of gas released.

6. If the vacuum evaporation coating machine has been used for a very long time, it will be found that the vacuum pumping becomes slow, and the machine platform anti landing plate must be replaced, and then heated and baked.

7. If it suddenly becomes very slow, please use the equipment to pick up the leakage. The key parts are mainly under the crucible, under the thermocouple, on the rotating machinery, on the contact part of the pump, etc.

The above are some ways to improve the pumping speed of vacuum coating equipment. If we do these things well, we believe that the pumping speed will be faster. For more information about vacuum coating machine, please visit our website. If you need vacuum coating equipment, low-E coating production line, ITO coating production line, magnetron sputtering coating production line, winding coating equipment, welcome to call.

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