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Multi-function optical lens coating machine China manufacturer

Multi-function optical lens coating machine China manufacturer


Multi-function optical lens coating machine China manufacturer 

optical coating machine, with arc shape fixture or arch fixture, can be used for multi-layer film such as: the Short wave pass, Long wave pass, AR, light filter and widely used for optical lens, electronic produsts, acrylic, glass, lamp, touch screen, lunette, telescope, micrescope, stage light, light lamp and phone case. The optional color of the product: AR, light filter, unreal colour, red multicolored, red, yellow, green, blue and rainbow.

vacuum coating machine

AF coating equipment is equipped with efficient resistance heating evaporation device and advanced plasma device. The effective combination of heating evaporation coating technology and magnetron sputtering coating technology, the equipment has a wider range of application and can obtain a variety of performance coatings. AF coating can be added on the decorative and functional films to make it have a variety of colors and at the same time have super waterproof, anti-oil, antibacterial, anti-fingerprint and long-lasting surface characteristics.

Sputtering deposition method of alloy film


In order to reduce the number of targets used in the sputtering system, as far as possible, one target can be used to sputter deposit and prepare alloy films that meet the composition and performance requirements. Alloy targets, composite mosaic targets, and multi-target sputtering can be used.


Generally speaking, in the stable state of discharge, according to the composition of the target, various constituent atoms are respectively subjected to sputtering. One advantage of sputter coating over vacuum evaporation and ion plating is that: the composition of the film layer and the target The composition difference is small, and the coating composition is stable. However, in some cases, due to the selective sputtering of different constituent elements, the reverse sputtering rate of the film layer and the different adhesion, it will cause a large difference in the composition of the film layer and the target. Using this alloy target, in order to produce a film with a certain composition, in addition to preparing a target with a specific ratio according to the experiment and reducing the temperature of the target as much as possible, it is also possible to reduce the substrate temperature to reduce the difference in adhesion rate Appropriate process conditions minimize the anti-sputtering effect on the film.


In some cases, it is not easy to prepare a large area of uniform alloy target and compound target. In this case, a composite mosaic target composed of a single element can be used. The structure of the target surface is shown in Figure 1. Among them, the fan-shaped mosaic structure shown in figure d has the best effect, the composition of the film is easy to control, and the repeatability is also good. In principle, not only binary alloys, but also ternary and quaternary alloy films can be prepared by this method.

ZHENHUA's technical team has rich experience, strong research capabilities, and the equipment is stable and reliable, with excellent indicators and high flexibility, and has been recognized and praised by users. On the way forward, Zhulong people have always insisted on coming to customers from production, striving for casting quality and helping customers take off!

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