More advancement in businesses and more requirements

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-15
DDS generation already flourished with its DDS, DDS2, and DDS3 tapes with diverse features, data storage capacity, transfer speed, and other basic and advanced features which are regularly improved. Now new and 4th version of digital data storage device has been introduced. DDS-4, cartridge is more advanced and reliable compare to its earlier versions. And carefully designed and structured robustly for very heavy uses in very harsh and hard conditions. Well advanced data accuracy and long time protection of archival history and daily base working data. DDS-4 tape, is very effective and excellent choice for very busy network servers, workgroups, mid or small computing data centers. DDS4 tape, has improved the data storage capacity with much better compare with earlier DDS cartridge, which mean data managers will need fewer numbers of cartridge for storing their most valuable and sensitive data. DDS4 tapes, offers outstanding 20GB (native) and 40 GB (compressed) recording capability. Data transfer speed also improved with 3.2MB/sec. Tape length is 150M and 4mm wide. DDS-4 tapes, also using best coating technology which are improved metal particle based coating with very smaller and thinner parts which are well scattered on tape surface which make surface more smooth and even, and allows consistent association throughout very heavy working operations with DDS4 drive or autoloaders. DDS-4 tapes, drive exceptionally able to carry out data read and write processes in a friendly interface, which improved data veracity and data storage life. Additionally writeable and readable compatibility with earlier version of DDS2 and DDS3 tape system performed with easy and reasonable process. DDS4 drive is fully well-suited with both of these preceding developed DDS tapes, and offers big assistance to available DDS clients to carry on use their earlier DDS tapes capital and beat the mounting backup challenges. High speed DDS 4, backup tapes are ideal for data intensive applications. Therefore these tapes are carefully designed a new strong base film for its cartridge and give up larger force. Most fomous DDS4 brands are Sony DGD150PWW, HP C5718A, Imation 40963, Dell 09W083, Maxell 200028, and IBM 59H4456 are equally very well improved and developed DDS4 versions. These DDS 4 tapes, format make certain with very higher effectiveness and dependable presentation with slightly fault part, all these inventive technologies and characteristic of DDS 4 cartridges aid in very long term archiving and data safety. All brands of DDS-4 tapes are obtainable at with good quality and best prices.
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