monolayer tialn and multilayer tialn/crn pvd coatings as surface modifiers to mitigate fretting fatigue of aisi p20 steel

by:ZHENHUA     2020-09-03
In many senses, the effect of corrosion film and surface coating on fatigue crack initiation is similar.
The properties of tiain and tiain/PVD cvd coatings in the friction fatigue failure of frederip20 steel were investigated.
Significant increase in wear fatigue life was observed;
Up to 210% and 193% when clamping at 5. 6 kN and 12.
6 kN of Tiain coated samples, up to 798% and 762% respectively when clamping at 5. 6 kN and 12.
6 kN, for multi-layer tiain/CrN coating samples, respectively.
Both coatings show a significant increase in beneficial compression residual stress and resistance to plastic deformation (H3/E2)
And the surface hardness compared to the uncoated AISI P20 tool steel.
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