Mirrored sunglasses were at first made and produced

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-09
Silver mirrored pilot sunglasses are among the most well-liked styles. You also often see them used by US government authorities as well as the military. Movie stars also wear them in film productions and some of the most popular movies of all time featured mirrored sunglasses like Top Gun. Aviator mirrored sunglasses are thought to give an image of 'secret', 'hazard', 'intrigue and suspense'. Because of this reason they have managed to come to be the fashion choice of the present generation. The sunglasses are not just stylish; they are also designed to provide the ideal protection for our eyes from the damaging UV radiation of sunlight from every angle. You can also get these lenses in polarized if you like the idea of reducing glare although there is some debate as to how much polarization really helps in that area. Most of the reliable brands of polarized Aviator mirrored sunglasses make them in such a way that they stop a large percentage of the harmful rays (up to 97%) and also cut down the reflections caused from the sunlight. This is one of the main fundamental reasons why most Pilots choose wearing these sunglasses. If you forget about the fashion statement for a moment it is very important that when you browse for a pair of sunglasses that you choose one that safeguards your eyes from all dangerous and harmful radiations coming from sunlight. Even though the Sun is 92 million miles away it is so intense that it can literally burn your eyes and cause blindness. While a wide variety of people favor donning mirrored sunglasses you have to take into consideration that these types of coatings are incredibly easy to blemish or damage so you have to take great care with them. Ray Ban is considered the originator of mirrored aviator style sunglasses but today almost every major brand produces them in a broad variation of designer styles and prices. While they were designed for aviators they are often now considered the number one choice for leisure, driving, boating, golfing or any sporting activity. Because of the popularity of mirrored sunglasses you can obtain them in a large assortment of lenses and frames of about any color you can think of. Many people own several pair of these style sunglasses because as we all know it is important to always change up your look. And don't forget what may be the number one reason people want to wear mirrored sunglasses; other people can't see your eyes! An interesting side note is how they actually make these mirrored coatings. The mirror is actually a thin metal coating applied in a layer by a process called ion beam deposition or vapor deposition. More expensive glasses may have multiple thin layers of the coating made from metals such as titanium, nickel or chromium. Just remember these coatings are so thin they scratch very easily!
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