Mineral powder briquetting machine is mainly used

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-19
The mineral powder briquetting machine is characterized by high molding pressure, large capacity adjustable main engine ratate-speed and furnished with a screw feed device. Mineral powder briquetting machine is made of many components,the most important parts are the following three:electrical connection,conveyor and encipher.As an important component of the mineral powder briquetting machine,what is the working principle of the mineral powder briquetting machine? 1.Mineral powder briquetting machine's electrical connection should be completed by the full-time electrician. First, check the connection of the panel's various electrical components. Look at the pile head is loosening. Look at the line connected between the components connection.Connect the main power and connect the ground installations.After connect the electrical power of each device,every machine may run without vee belt,guarantee motor turning is equal to the equipment turn,then put on the vee belt to run.When single machine idling is normall,the equipment enter air-machine test transfer of the entire line.When the load is turning,users should check the eat load conditions of each instrument on the switchboards. 2. the mineral powder briquetting machine's conveyor: First adjust the center bracket to make in the bracket with the conveyor rack tightening mounting bolts. Tape interface consistent line and the tape edge was connected form. Secondly, to adjust the conveyor belt tightness, requires delivery of the tape below along close to the Support mobile roller. Adjustment of the conveyor belt tightness require close in stent mobile roll on along the conveyor belt below. End of Empty try to turn, to see if the deviation phenomenon. 3.the mineral powder briquetting machine's encipher testing: Adjust V-belt tightness, tightness requirements; adjust the gap of the two rollers is under pressure or on to mention the oblique iron. Empty machine commissioning, commissioning test after no very load; observe the shape of pressure materials, flake-style block, pinching feeling a certain strength of the force is not the powdered. Welcome customers visit our factory! For further information concering the mineral powder briquetting machines ,please refer to :http://www.briquetting-machine.com/mineral-powder-briquetting-machine.html
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