michael keaton is on a roll with \'the founder\'

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Pacific hotels in California—
Michael Keaton has a cold, which is a huge problem.
The actor expressed this very clearly with bacteria. safe, fist-
As he entered the office, he touched his greetings and apologized.
He sat behind a simple table with a cup of coffee and a balloon in one hand --
Another Kleenex
Even if the nose was heavily blocked, Keaton, 65, quickly smiled and set up a full steam head to talk about the movie revival he was enjoying, fast-in his starring role-
Food icon Ray Kroc in founder (
It was nationwide in January.
After a limited reward-
Qualifying for December).
\"Some people, I don\'t know why, they say, \'Well, is this a return?
Keaton said with a loud smile.
\"I don\'t know why everyone is dancing around it.
It\'s okay for me.
Swear to God, I don\'t care what people call it.
It\'s okay, because I\'m just playing.
Then it was decided.
Deadly cold and all, Keaton is breathing in this career revival-
Sorry for the return of your career
Starting with his Oscar.
2014 of the bird nomination roles (
Or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance).
Batman\'s return to Hollywood is a striking story of 2015 Academy Awards.
But Keaton is far from complete, his role is Boston Globe correspondent Walter \"Robbie\" Robinson, who also won an Oscar for best picture in the 2015 ensemble drama Spotlight
Now, the story behind the Crocker burger empire once again subverts Keaton\'s well-received performance in the awards discussion, even though it is a dark horse.
\"I loved this behavior during Michael Keaton\'s career because
Dave Karger, a special correspondent for the film website IMDb, said: \"The level project uses his natural charm in charming and complex characters . \". com.
\"He\'s one of the few actors who can play backstage --to-
Create another success in the founder.
Keaton said that with this bravery worthy of Ray Kroc, he certainly predicted this enviable game a few years ago.
\"I sat opposite someone and said, \'This is what is going to happen.
\"I have to tell you that this is very close to what happened,\" Keaton said . \".
\"This can only come out of one person --
No agent, no friends.
In fact, no one will do what you have to do.
\"It\'s all done with a special talent for Mr. dramatic.
Mom and Beetlejuice stars put on bat suits for director Tim Burton\'s 1989 Batman and 1992 Batman Returns.
Keaton then refused to play forever as director Joel Schumacher\'s Batman, and Keaton reportedly refused a $15 million offer before the character was handed over to Val Kilmer.
But Keaton explained that the bat character was with a guy and he raised his hand, the pyramid-
Show how Hollywood games can become more tricky style at tiny peaks.
\"The pyramid is like this. you start at the top. this is life,\" Keaton said . \" He explained that any slowdown in work would be magnified.
\"So if I hadn\'t been seen for a year, say 1983, no one would have cared.
But all of a sudden, someone in Poland was frightened by Batman and nine others, all the bets were canceled and everything changed.
You couldn\'t see it that year, it was in a brighter spotlight.
\"In Quentin Tarantino\'s 1997 Jackie Brown, there are a number of vibrentroans.
But Keaton was rolling 2000 metres from the top of the pyramid, apparently not too much trouble.
He raised his son, famous musician Sean Douglas (
Keaton\'s predecessor
The wife and actress who died in 2010, Caroline McWilliams.
Keaton said he was enjoying life too.
\"One of the things about these leisure times is that we have a lot of fun going out.
I\'m going to travel around the world and take a helicopter with a snowboard or fishing rod.
I have seen some pretty attractive women in Europe.
\"Man, I had a good time,\" Keaton said . \".
\"At some point, you look at your bank account and go back to work.
\"Keaton\'s role in Disney\'s 2005 Herbie, except for a fresh one --
In the face of Lindsay Rohan, he called it \"a potential salary \".
Because a profitable sequel never came true.
But the character provides an opportunity to wait for the right power character to get him back to the top.
\"I sat behind waiting for the start of the game.
Do you know what I mean?
\"You know the one you can crush,\" Keaton said . \".
That home run was called by Keaton. the-
Former comedian Hill
In writer/director Alejandro G. film star looking for his drama break
Birds of iárritu.
\"The bird must be, \'Boom!
Keaton said dramatically.
\"Someone put me in the rubber band and shot me out.
\"In the ongoing hype of the Birdman Award, founder director John Lee Hancock was inspired to star Keaton in the role of Kroc --and-
Look at the famous McDonald\'s boss.
\"To be honest, the Birdman put Michael on the list of founders,\" said Hancock, who has long admired Keaton.
\"I\'m not saying I won\'t fight for him anyway.
But it\'s easy to choose. Yes, let\'s go to Michael.
\"Keaton shows the same appeal as the American business icon, who died in 1984 when he built McDonald\'s into the world\'s most successful food with his iconic golden arch
\"He lit up a room when you were with Michael.
\"He was very focused in the conversation,\" Hancock said . \".
Kroc has the same attributes.
When Kroc is deducting points, he is deducting points.
The founder tells the story of Dick and Mike McDonald (
Nick Warman and John Carroll Lynch)
McDonald\'s downplayed that.
The two are truly 1950 pioneers, creating revolutionary speed
The food method of burger making, even the name of San Bernardino, California
Burger stand. Kroc, an often-
Struggling milkshakes
The machine salesman with great dreams was inspired.
He joined the brothers company in charge of expanding the brand and franchise.
Even the title of the founder is ironic, which gives Kroc a good sign of institutional support for the establishment of the agency.
\"If someone says, \'Ray Crocker, hurry up, who is he?
Most people say, \'Oh, yes, McDonald\'s.
But how about McDonald\'s? McDonald’s why? \" asks Keaton.
\"In fact, I think he\'s the founder of Ray Kroc to start everything.
I don\'t know any flashy brothers. \"\"The fact (Kroc)
\"I want to push this idea of \'I am the founder,\'\" Keaton said . \".
\"Like, Ray, really? Come on, dude.
\"Foundershow Kroc played a hard fight with the brothers, took over the company and even forced them to remove the name from their own restaurant.
Keaton was inspired by the magiavari round.
\"I admire Kroc\'s career very much. Hard worker.
This is a guide story.
\"I like his work ethic and motivation,\" Keaton said . \".
\"Then he will definitely go south.
What makes a guy keep turning the screw and pushing the knife deep?
Finally, Ray is cruel.
Keaton agrees with Hancock that this is not a character sugar
Coating or unnatural happy ending.
\"I told John that if he was looking for the actor to blink, there were 100 people who could do better and say, \'please love me anyway, \'or\' I am not that bad, Keaton said.
\"My job is to tell this story.
It\'s a sudden change in character.
\"Keaton continues his career to move and venture back into the comics --
The world in the book is the evil vulture in the magic spider
Male: Back to School (July 7).
He said he tried to reject the plum section because his schedule has been too tight in recent years.
He didn\'t even have time to give his office the necessary redecoration, and there was an unused outdated fax machine in the corner of the office.
\"I think it\'s a great run.
But very tired.
You go from one movie to the next, and there are awards in the middle.
By the way, there are no complaints here.
\"We should all be so lucky,\" Keaton said . \"
However, his refusal only prompted Marvel to reschedule the shooting schedule and make the shooting more enjoyable.
He has no regrets.
\"It jumped into a huge Marvel machine and I was just a small part of it.
But it\'s an amazing machine inside, \"Keaton said.
He admitted that he often thanked the big guys upstairs for their good luck.
Keaton managed another smile and said, \"if it\'s not every morning, then you know they\'re going to say before I go to bed at night, \'This is why your knees are \'. \".
\"Man, I\'m so grateful.
Yeah, man, I\'m going to kick.
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