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Method to check air leakage of vacuum coating machine

Method to check air leakage of vacuum coating machine


Method to check air leakage of vacuum coating machine

Checking the air leakage of vacuum coating machine is a method to check the vacuum degree of vacuum coating machine, which is called leak detection for short. As the vacuum level will directly affect the coating effect, so leak detection is essential. In general, air leakage in vacuum chamber is generated from some small holes in the chamber wall or the joints between the components. When the air extraction system draws air, the pressure in the vacuum chamber will decrease. The pressure difference between the outside and the inside will make the gas flow from the outside with high pressure to the vacuum chamber with low pressure, resulting in the decrease of the vacuum degree.

vacuum coating machine

PVD vacuum coating machine/PVD vacuum coating machine

"Vacuum Coating Equipment" describes in detail the design method of vacuum coating equipment, the design calculation of each mechanism component of the coating equipment, and the selection of design parameters. Among them, the design calculation of magnetron sputtering target and the film of sputtering coating are introduced systematically. Thick uniform design. The book is divided into 13 chapters, mainly explaining the structure of the vacuum coating chamber, the workpiece holder of the coating chamber, the heating and temperature measuring device of the vacuum coating machine, the pumping system of the vacuum coating machine, the introduction structure of the vacuum chamber electricity and movement, and the sputtering coating equipment Design and calculation of gas filling system, evaporation source, magnetron sputtering target, and film thickness uniformity of sputtering coating.

"Vacuum Coating Equipment" has strong practicability, suitable for the design and manufacture of vacuum coating equipment, the application of vacuum coating equipment and other industries related to vacuum coating technology for use by technicians engaged in design, equipment operation and maintenance, and can also be used as advanced Teaching materials and reference books for teachers and students of relevant majors in institutions

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