metallic powder coating process - problem & solution

by:ZHENHUA     2020-09-02
Metal Powder coating special effect system metal powder coating is a decorative protective finish for metal processing applications. The multi-
Colored metal powders are usually applied in a single application, followed by the top-
Coated with clear powder to enhance the finish.
The metal and cloud powder coatings contain metal flakes or cloud powder particulate matter, giving these coatings a special appearance.
These flakes and details are a separate component.
The coating of metal and cloud powder is evenly mixed with the base color powder, called dry-Mixed powder.
They have epoxy, mixed, polyurethane and TGIC polyester chemicals.
Problems with dry goods-
The mixed powder has color consistency, limited penetration in the depression area and limited recovery capacity. Dry-
Mixed powder is usually applied using a Corona gun with a flat nozzle.
Metal Powder Coatings and cloud powder coatings are processed by physically combining them to the surface of the power coating.
In general, all of the metal or cloud parent particles are bonded, but some may not be firmly attached together, causing various problems in the finishing process.
The bonded metal and cloud powder have fewer lines than the dry mixed powder and are easier to recycle.
In addition, they provide more consistent color and less photo frame effects after recycling, as well as better penetration rate and higher transmission efficiency.
Although bonded metal and cloud powder can be recovered, it is better to minimize the proportion of the recovered powder to the original powder, so that you can produce the best finished product possible.
The adhesive powder has epoxy, mixed, polyurethane and TGIC polyester chemical products.
Metal Powder does have some disadvantages.
The first is that the aluminum-containing powder finish does have a tendency to weathering over time.
Another drawback is the load, which is an uncontrollable loss of static electricity
The voltage power at the tip of the spray gun appears because the metal powder has created a ground path through the powder hose for high pressure driving.
To reduce loading, a specially designed nozzle can be used if the amount of metal in the powder does not exceed the standard.
The use of metal powder is the cause of the fire in several paint spray chambers.
Spice powder coating is a unique mixture of a variety of finished powder colors with a high degree of beauty and protective coating. These multi-
Color powder can be used in epoxy, mixing, polyurethane and TGIC polyester chemistry.
Spice powder coatings are most commonly used for end use such as casual furniture, shelves, box goods and leisure equipment.
However, spice powder coatings can be used for other items.
Compared to the use and application of smooth solid color powder, spice powder coating does present some challenges to the applicator.
Therefore, in order to ensure the consistency of the film thickness and produce a high-quality appearance, the applicator needs to apply a consistent or even uniform pattern.
Due to the nature of the spice powder coating, the color and appearance may vary when the powder is recycled.
In addition, the substrate density affects the flow and appearance of the finished product.
Tips on how to spray metal powder
Since this type of metal powder is made by adding a pure, ground-grade cloud powder or aluminum or bronze particles, you are actually spraying plastic powder and fine aluminum powder mixed with it
Using different guns, metal particles associated with ground objects may be oriented in different directions.
The orientation of aluminum particles will determine the final finish. 1.
Try to reduce the air to get a smooth soft flow. 2.
It is better to use the oil ruler or gravity cup so that the streaming air does not interfere with the particle size distribution. 3.
Increase the distance between the gun and the object to at least 8 inch or more. 4.
Try to use different nozzles, especially soft flow nozzles. 5.
Make sure the powder coated material is placed directly at the oven temperature of 200 ° c----
If the oven is at room temperature, the coating will flow at 15 ° and disrupt the texture, resulting in a smooth surface.
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