metal powder coating

by:ZHENHUA     2020-09-02
Metal Powder coating device containing metal pigments (
For example, copper powder, silver powder, nickel powder)
Various powder coatings.
Metal pigments with nickel as the main component, including nickel powder and nickel powder, the former is decomposed by distillation and purification of nickel carbonyl steam, by controlling temperature, dilution and the use of carbon monoxide gas additives (
Oxygen and nitrogen)
Formed under the appropriate Ni particle shape, then rinse carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gas to control the oxygen content on the surface of the particles to be 0. 065%;
The latter is in the proper solvent, in the presence of a fluid medium, with high purity nickel carbonyl powder, a thin sheet of appropriate thickness is formed with a ball in ball grinding.
Mainly used for the shielding of conductive pigments in coatings and plastics, for various decorative high gloss coatings and plastics, instead of aluminum powder in aqueous solution for anti-corrosion coatings, conductive inks can use fine particles and spherical nickel powder.
Due to the bright and luxurious decoration effect of metal powder coating, it is very suitable for spraying interior objects such as furniture, jewelry, cars, etc.
Metal Powder spraying is generally not suitable for the use of friction spray guns.
In most cases, Electrostatic spraying coating is recommended.
When using an electrostatic gun for construction, the system should be well grounded and a low electrostatic voltage should be set to prevent the amount of powder sprayed and cause blow.
The effect of the formed coating has a great relationship with the spray sleeve, quality or brand.
For a long period of time after spraying, a large amount of metal powder may accumulate in the spraying and discharging electric acupuncture, which needs to be cleaned and discharged regularly.
In most cases, since the error is very large, we do not recommend measuring the gloss of the metal surface coating using a optometrist, but can only judge whether the model meets the standard by means of visual comparison.
For dry mixing to manufacture powder, because separation will occur during spraying and recycling, the recovery powder and powder will have certain differences in the content of metal pigments, it may lead to inconsistency in the appearance of the coating.
This is because the properties of metal pigments and powder particles are different.
If powder coatings are manufactured by means of adhesive fixing, it can be reused due to the relatively fixed ratio between metal pigments and powder particles.
The spray layer in the metal powder coating has the following advantages: Enhanced Metal powder coated stone-
Appearance of adding metal powder coating;
Completely solve the problem that metal pigments can be erased;
Improve the weather resistance of metal powder coating.
In order to ensure the appearance of the shading layer, the first coating can not be contaminated by any.
Therefore, it is generally necessary to have a fully automated spray line and two separate spray chambers for spraying.
It is recommended not to spray light layers.
Whether it is by dry mixing or by the bonding method of making powder, the problem of metal pigment being erased cannot be completely solved.
In order to solve the problem of erasable shedding, the only way for metal powder coating is to spray a layer of transparent coating.
For the same product, try to use the same amount of metal powder paint to avoid error problems between batches of powder paint.
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