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by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-09
The new developed Maxell LTO 4 tape, enhanced with high quality innovations and excellent coating techniques and used very high quality finest metal particles to create a reliable base film which able to have increased 896 data track with 12.65mm wide and 820M long tape. The higher recording densities and toughness of base film improved the capacity with massive 800GB native and 1600GB compressed with fast and secure data transfer speed of 120MB/Sec native and 240MB/Sec compressed with excellent compression rate of 2:1. It uses its patented technology NeoSMART which enhanced the quality and performance of new generation Maxell LTO4 media cartridge. High quality novel finest ceramic-armored metal particles through high power and greater recording performance comprehend high capacity, the Maxell's ceramic armor coating techniques created a thin ceramic layer to care for it from corrosion and give superior archival storage existence and excellent robustness. its patented extremely precise servo writing system in Maxell LTO-4, which developed originally in Maxell's highest level manufacturing procedure, make it sure dependable servo features and excellent tracking consistency, equivalent to increased track compactness, just about 1.4 times better than previous LTO3 to attain the high capacity of 1600GB. Just like LTO 3 again utilizes WORM (Write Once Read Many) functionality in its Maxell LTO4 tape, which improved the protection and preservation of backup and storage archive data. The WORM cartridge is specially designed for very compliance regulatory information which need to preserve for a very long time without any unauthorized access. The WORM function prevents data from overwriting, temperament and illegal removing the data. Maxell also introduced a new technology on its 183906, cartridge a hardware based 256-bit AES data encryption, this is a very experienced technology and prevent data from changeable losses during very intensive data transaction. These cartridges are compatible with all existed Ultrium 4 tape drives with backward read and write abilities. The high quality Maxell 183906, cartridge has an improved 8KB memory chip which accelerates the access speed to desired data during load and unload processes. The Maxell 183906 LTO4 media cartridge adopted a reliable AES and WORM functionalities to improve protection of archival and compliance regulatory information.
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