Maxell is most prominent Japanese manufacturers

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-09
LTO Linear Tape Open technology is most reliable and influential, scalable data storage tape format founded by HP, IBM and Certance (Quantum) to help out convene the mounting burden of data safety in the midrange to venture class server situations. This Ultra super storage capacity tapes are designed to offers exceptional performance, speed and data storage capacity with excellent reliability. LTO Ultrium format has a fit clear roadmap for increasing and scalability. Maxell start LTO production in year 2000 with Maxell 183800 LTO1 and offers reliable data storage capacity with 100-200 GB and data transfer speed with 20-40 MB/Sec, Maxell added some very amazing features in first LTO 1 data storage tape which boosts the overall image of LTO technology with excellent reliability and durability of storage data with perfect protection. Maxell 183850, is 2nd generation LTO tapes which is offering more reliability and excellent performance with improved data storage capacity with 200 GB native and 400 GB with compressed data and offers excellent chance to many SMBs to have more storage space within same physical size of cartridge which save further investments. Maxell 183850 LTO-2 tape, also enhanced the data transfer speed with excellent fast and furious speed which is better from the first Maxell LTO1 tapes 40 MB/Sec native 80 MB/Sec with compressed mode offers more secure and reliability and give full protection to storage and transfers. Maxell LTO2 tape, has enhanced with its basic components of memory chip LTO-CM, Memory Chip is most reliable part of any LTO tape with its own 4KB memory capacity, LTO-CM kept most important history of LTO cartridge and offers reliable communication skills with LTO Ultrium2 tape drive during loading and unloading operations and also help is speeding up the whole process. Maxell LTO2, uses best coating techniques for its LTO2 tapes Maxell has improved base film quality with using Ultra fine coating methods which give more smoother and even base film surface which helps to increase data tracks 512 and as well able to improve tape length 609M, Maxell fine coating technique also improves the tape movements within cartridge and with LTO Ultrium 2 tape drives. Maxell LTO-2, offers very reliable tape quality with new enhanced solid casing provide full strength to inside data and out toughness. Maxell LTO2 tape, solid and robust casing give more protection to storage data, it is fully shocked proof with compact size. Imation, Sony, IBM, Quantum, Fuji, TDK, Dell, HP and Maxell 183850 LTO 2 tapes are offered by
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