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by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-31
The Nikon S6200 compact camera caters to the budget market, just like its predecessor S6100. The Nikon Coolpix S6200 compact camera has a conservative thus still has appealing design. It is made up of the all-plastic body finished in a glossy black coating that's helpfully rubberised on the front half, providing good grip. The camera is merely 25.4 mm thick which gives pretty slim looks to the camera and come along with a 10x zoom lens, but the most notable factor is that this digital camera does measure over 60mm deep when the zoom is fully extended. The camera weighs around 160 g only. This light weight camera can easily fits in both the palm of your hand or a shirt pocket. It is available in stunning colors such as blue, pink, white, silver, red and black. But the bright blue color is appealing to many. It carries a 2.7-inch display on the right, while the left side embeds a five-way navigation wheel, scene button, playback button, recording button, menu and delete buttons. It captures very clear and exciting shots. The Nikon S6200 is bundled with the 16 megapixel sensor with 10x optical zoom with image stabilization. It also supports shooting videos at 720p at a good 30fps. A minute of video takes about 42 MB of space on the memory card. Videos are recorded in the MOV format. The few basic reasons to buy this digital camera are excellent photos, ambitious specs, small body, and bargain price. The Nikon S6200 digital camera price in India is near about Rs.11000 but you can get this camera in penny prices through It is best online auction site in India who is providing the lucrative deals to general public so that they can easily buy the expensive products in minimum budget. They just have to place the lowest unique bid over the particular product as per your interest.
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