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by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-17
At present, the best of conformal coating is available in many variations. The users can select the best best one for them from acrylic, polyurethanes, silicons, and coatings based on water. Most of these coatings have their own features and significance and that is why the users find them separately useful for them. Advantages of Conformal Coating This type of coating permits higher power and minimum spacing between the tracks. They prevent current leakage. This is beneficial for the makers or the designers to maintain a uniformity in their size while miniaturizing the design. It saves the PCB from all harms including chemical hazards, humidity, and other pollutant that are available in the atmosphere. This enhances the longevity of the PCB and that is good for the manufacturers and also for the consumers. These coatings are available in pigmented and transparent varieties that can enhance the attraction of the PCBs to a greater extent. You must note that the pigmented coating is more reliable as far as reliability of the products is concerned. Application of the Conformal Coating: The process of applying the conformal coating is easy and simple and the manufacturers can make use of the any of these following methods while working on it: Brushing: This is probably the most common method of applying this coating. This is slightly technical and it requires specialists who have some amount of experience behind them. Spraying: The technicians are required to make use of a spray gun or a machine that contains spraying materials. This task is also technical and prior experience can be good for you in the end. Dipping: With comparison to the other methods of application of this type of coating, this method is easier where the technicians are needed to dip the PCB in the container that contains the coating material. Which Conformal coating is more reliable? Different types of PCBs are being used in different equipments. Due to the increasing variety of these machines and devices, the manufacturers need to create different types of PCBs. The coating also depends upon certain factors. The manufacturers are needed to take care of the following: Electrical needs of the device Environment of the work Layout of the board Ways of application, and Repair
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