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by:ZHENHUA     2020-04-07
AHMEDABAD: On Wednesday, the national green court imposed a temporary ban on the procurement, sale and use of glass powder nationwidecoated thread (manja).
The strange thing is, the kite
State flyers preparing to celebrate Uttarayan next month do not know what they will be allowed to use in lieu of traditional manja.
Kite lovers in the city hope the ban will not have much impact this year, as most kite lovers who are readyto-
Manja is from Surat and Barri.
\"The market is full of glass --
We have bought the shaft and many kite flyers. With no glass-
It is well known that the fighting spirit of the Wind kite festival held in ammodabad will disappear, \"said Rajesh Patel, a resident of Ghatlodia.
He said he had already bought the line and even started flying kites.
Satellite resident Kiran Shah said it was unlikely to enforce the ban Strictly this year.
\"The state government will have to relax the rules this year,\" he said . \"
\"However, only the police and the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC)
\"Take strict action against those who apply to the thread and prevent them from using the glass,\" said Shah . \".
\"The government has banned the use of plaster from Paris (PoP)
\"In order to create Ganesh idols, thousands of pop idols are immersed in it every year,\" Shah said . \".
Those engaged in the glass powder coating line business feel that the ban will make them unemployed.
Non-monetization has had a negative impact on the business.
Mohammed azaluddin, 22, who lives in Jampur with his mother, said he could not even earn enough daily expenses of 700 rupees due to non-monetization and fewer orders,
\"I want to know what happens when the government strictly enforces the glass powder ban?
Tu manja, \"he asked.
Mohammed Ajaz, who often comes to Jampur from Kolkata, said he is waiting for the end of the festival this year.
\"Then I will move back to Kolkata.
There is no order for coated threads this year.
The business has fallen, but it has declined the most this year, \"Aijaz said.
Mohammed ayubu, who came to the city from Uttar Pradesh, said he had not received orders from individual clients until today.
\"We don\'t have a kite duel in the air.
Therefore, no sharp string is required to be coated with glass.
Here we add glass powder to manja for these kite races.
\"Without glass powder, this festival will lose its excitement,\" Ayub said . \".
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