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Main system components of vacuum coating equipment

Main system components of vacuum coating equipment


Main system components of vacuum coating equipment

Vacuum chamber of vacuum coating equipment

The coating equipment mainly includes continuous coating production line and single chamber coating machine. Stainless steel materials are manufactured, argon arc welding is conducted, and the surface is chemically polished. The vacuum chamber components are welded with flange interfaces of various specifications.

Vacuum obtaining part of vacuum coating equipment

In vacuum technology, the vacuum obtaining part is an important part. Vacuum can not be obtained by one vacuum equipment and method. Several pumps must be used together, such as mechanical pump, Roots pump, molecular pump system, etc.

Vacuum measurement part of vacuum coating equipment

The vacuum measurement part of the vacuum system is to measure the pressure in the vacuum chamber. Like the vacuum pump, no vacuum gauge can measure the whole vacuum range, so people have made many kinds of vacuum gauges according to different principles and requirements. Such as thermocouple meter, ionization meter, Pirani meter, etc.

Power supply part of vacuum coating equipment

The target power supply mainly includes DC power supply, intermediate frequency power supply, pulse power supply and radio frequency power supply (RF). The common power supply manufacturers include AE, ADL, Huotinger, etc.

Process gas input system of vacuum coating equipment

Process gas, such as argon (Ar), krypton (Kr), nitrogen (N2), acetylene (C2H2), methane (CH4), hydrogen (H2), oxygen (O2), etc., is generally supplied by gas cylinders, and then flows into the vacuum chamber through the gas pressure reducing valve, gas stop valve, pipeline, gas flowmeter, solenoid valve, piezoelectric valve. The advantages of this gas input system are that the pipeline is simple and fast, and it is easy to maintain or replace the cylinder. Each coating machine does not affect each other. There is also the case that several coating machines share a group of gas cylinders, which may be seen in some large-scale coating workshops. Its advantages are to reduce the consumption of gas cylinders and to make unified planning and layout. The disadvantage is that due to the increase of joints, the chance of air leakage increases. In addition, the coating machines will interfere with each other, and the pipeline leakage of one coating machine may affect the product quality of other coating machines. In addition, when replacing gas cylinders, it is necessary to ensure that all machines are in non gas use state.

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