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Magnetron Sputtering optical coater is vacuum chamber

Magnetron Sputtering optical coater is vacuum chamber


Magnetron Sputtering optical coater is vacuum chamber

The main body of the magnetron sputtering optical coater is vacuum chamber, the size is determined by the size of the product substrate and the capacity of the user. The chamber is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is not easy to rust, more durable than carbon steel and easy to do maintenance. Machine adopted medium frequency sputtering coating technology, coating with  oxide materials such as silicon oxide and niobium oxide etc, with film thickness gauge to make optical decorative film. The film made by magnetron sputtering  optical coating machine has strong adhesion and high purity, and can be sputtered with a variety of materials with different components at the same time.

vacuum coating machine

vacuum coating machine

In these processes that have a gradient effect, except for IML, there is a relatively large (compared to IML) random space, which leads to a problem of tolerance range and yield. Although IML can achieve very good deformation control, it also has corresponding requirements for the shape of the material itself, which has some restrictions on the design. For example, if the depth of the mobile phone shell is too large, it is difficult to achieve.

But for mass production, various manufacturers and suppliers have also tried every means to improve controllability.

For example, the spray angle mentioned above, which requires corresponding fixtures and fixtures (auxiliary parts used to fix the shell material) to match the spray gun, or the fluidity of the paint itself, and additives to improve or cover some easy Defects that appear.

However, these methods require trial and error.

Although the supplier will have a series of standard practices in the gradient color process, when facing different customers, they need to carry out some specific and customized process transformation, or even develop with the customers (such as Jony Ive used to work in SARS During this period, he stayed in the Pearl River Delta for three months, in order to improve the oxidation process of the iPhone).

This process is the biggest difficulty from design to mass production. Because this process requires designers and suppliers to constantly blend in with each other, test each other's bottom line, and jointly discuss opportunities for improvement. Only through continuous, large, and tireless trial and error can we find a suitable degree that meets the realization of the design. It also has a suitable yield, which is not only worthy of users, but also takes care of the face of the brand, and also allows the brand and suppliers to make money.

But in fact, the gradual process used by these mobile phones is often not just a single process, but a combination of multiple processes, which involves considerable R&D and production costs.

But why do some low-cost models also appear in these gradient colors?

Because the marginal cost of the manufacturing process is getting lower and lower, as long as more and more products are using the same type of process, the price of this process will become lower and lower, and the products will become cheaper. However, the decrease in price is due to the increase in quantity and total profit. It does not mean that the real manufacturing cost will inevitably fall or the yield will inevitably rise, but the supplier will lower its profit rate because the quantity can absorb those bad product bands. Coming loss. This is also one of the main reasons why new processes always appear in high-end products first, and then be transferred to low-end product lines after shipments reach a certain scale.

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