Linear Tape Open (LTO) is Ultrium based technology

by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-15
Corporate data is very important and sensitive must be kept in better protection for a very long time of period. LTX100G the first commercial LTO Ultrium tape format which introduced in the year 2000. Sony uses its long experienced and assumed all existing technologies to make this most reliable and durable storage media tape format. LTX-100G tapes are full of remarkable features which able to protect data as well its quality and matched with different requirements of intense data storage settings. Sony uses some very exciting and reliable Sony's original techniques. LTO Ultrium tape drive head is able to read the information by passing over the pre-build data tracks on the Sony LTX100G base film in which the information has to be stored. For the better result and storage capacity data track must be built closely and the width of the tracks is really narrow, and this is the only reliable way to keep the head in perfect position on the data tracks. Sony's original and exclusive Servo writer remarkably worked with seamless performance in Sony LTO LTX100G. And perfectly perform in all types of conditions. Sony makes a perfect contribution in developing base film with the use of its patented coating technique through very fine and special smaller and thinner metal particles, LTO-1tape designed to have 100GB native and 200GB compressed data storage capacity, with excellent 384 data tracks which able to store the perfect volume of data. The Sony coating technique makes the base film smoother and well balanced with 12.65mm width and 609M long. Sony reliable quality and balanced with existing technology offers faster and more proportionate data transfer speed of 20MB/Sec native and 40MB/Sec with compressed data for LTO 1 LTX100G and equally suitable with massive storage data. Sony installed a memory chip (LTO-CM) inside the Sony LTO 1 tape which has 4KB storage ability and able to store usage history of cartridge and other important information and offers excellent reliable data storage and recovery operations with LTO Ultrium1 tape drives. Memory chip also accelerates the access speed and offers excellent monitoring of the cartridge. LTO-1 backup tape, is well suitable with all existing LTO Ultrium 1 tape drives and offers excellent read and write ability, and perform reliable and durable data storage processes. LTO-1 LTX100G has been designed with excellent structure and all the cartridges are firmly closed and protected inside the tape from outer stresses and accidental pressures. Better design and firm cartridge offers 30 years data preservation and reliability through thousands of passes during data load and unload procedures. Sony LTX100G LTO1 offers excellent data storage and transfer speed, with impressive basic features for better data protection and preservation. All LTO 1 Ultrium tape formats are available at
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