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Let's understand the evaporation system and control system of evaporation vacuum coating equipment

Let's understand the evaporation system and control system of evaporation vacuum coating equipment


Let's understand the evaporation system and control system of evaporation vacuum coating equipment

The evaporation system of evaporation vacuum coating equipment is composed of evaporation source, wire feeding mechanism, water-cooling baffle, etc. The evaporation source of high vacuum winding coater is boron nitride evaporation boat, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, good heat resistance and high purity of deposition layer. The resistance heating method is adopted, and the aluminum wire is continuously sent to the surface of the corresponding evaporation boat through the wire feeding mechanism, so that it can be heated and evaporated rapidly.

Both ends of the evaporation boat are respectively installed on the positive and negative electrodes, the ends are embedded, and the gap pad is made of graphite paper. All electrodes are internally water-cooled to avoid heating and burns. The power of each group of steam source can be adjusted individually or as a whole through the potentiometer on the operation panel.

The wire feeding mechanism includes AC motor, reducer, friction roller group, etc. The AC motor is connected with the reducer and drives each roller group connected in series on the transmission shaft through the sprocket to realize the synchronous transmission of aluminum wire. The wire feeding speed is controlled by the frequency converter and can be adjusted by the acceleration or deceleration button on the operation panel. The speed value is displayed on the touch screen.

The water cooling baffle consists of a fixed evaporation tank and a movable baffle, both of which are cooled with water. The evaporation tank is installed on the bottom plate, which is mainly used to prevent the heat from spreading around and below. The movable baffle is located above the evaporation tank and can be opened or closed by a pneumatic device outside the vacuum chamber. When used for preheating the evaporation boat, when the winding system is not started or the operation speed is slow, isolate the radiation of the heat source to the substrate to avoid burning the substrate.

The electrical control system of the vacuum coating machine is divided into three main parts according to the position: control cabinet, transformer group and console. Control components for all functions of the equipment, including programmable controller, frequency converter, voltage regulation module, etc., Installed in the control cabinet. The front of the control cabinet is equipped with resistance ionization compound vacuum gauge, booster pump, diffusion pump heating ammeter, three-phase power indicator, alarm indicator and emergency stop switch.

The transformer bank is installed under the vacuum tank, the anode at its output end is directly connected with the corresponding evaporation electrode rod, and the cathode at the output end is connected with the evaporation cathode after parallel connection.

The console is placed in front of the vacuum tank and under the observation window. The touch screen, operation control buttons, knobs or switches of various components are all set on the panel of the console.

The touch screen is located at the upper left of the operation panel. The parameter setting and data display of the winding system, including unwinding tension, winding diameter, machine running speed and vacuum system operation indication, are all carried out in the touch screen.

At the top right of the operation panel is the heating power adjustment button of the steam source and the ammeter, which can adjust and display the power of each group of steam sources.

Below the operation panel is the function control button or switch, including the control of the main power switch, the advance and retreat of the winding trolley, the advance and retreat of the swing arm, the forward and reverse rotation of the bending roll, the switching of wire feeding and speed, the switching of the cover plate, the selection of the system operation control mode, etc.

The electrical control core of vacuum coating equipment is PLC and its expansion module, supplemented by vacuum meter, encoder, proximity switch and Hall switch to complete the detection and control functions. Three phase five wire power input is adopted, and 220V is adopted for roll bending motor, evaporation transformer, Hall switch and control circuit. The vacuum pump, main roll motor, Winder motor, Winder motor, hydraulic station motor and wire feeding motor are powered by 380V three-phase power supply. The PLC input circuit, encoder and proximity switch adopt DC 24V. The power supply capacity is about 180kW.

The user shall set a power switch box near the machine, with its own power line, to connect the power supply to the terminal of the machine, with codes of R, s, t and n.

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