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Knowledge of PVD vaccum coating equipment for vacuum coating

Knowledge of PVD vaccum coating equipment for vacuum coating


Knowledge of PVD vaccum coating equipment for vacuum coating

PVD vacuum coating equipment

PVD vaccum coating equipment is a popular advanced equipment in recent years. Only with equipment can the coating process be carried out. That is to say, PVD technology is a new technology that has emerged in recent years. The prepared film has high hardness, low friction coefficient and good wear resistance. , Good chemical stability and other advantages. First of all, the successful application in the field of high-speed steel cutting tools has aroused the great attention of manufacturing industries around the world. While developing high-performance and high-reliability coating equipment, more in-depth coating application research has been carried out on cemented carbide and ceramic tools. Compared with the CVD process, the PVD process has a lower processing temperature, and has no effect on the bending strength of the tool material below 600 ℃; the internal stress state of the film is compressive stress, which is more suitable for the coating of carbide precision and complex tools; PVD The process has no adverse effects on the environment and is in line with the development direction of modern green manufacturing. At present, PVD coating technology has been widely used in the coating of cemented carbide end mills, drills, step drills, oil hole drills, reamers, taps, indexable milling inserts, turning inserts, special-shaped tools, welding tools, etc. deal with.

PVD technology not only improves the bonding strength of the film and the tool matrix material, but also makes the coating composition develop from the first generation tin to tic, TiCN, ZrN, CrN, MoS2, TiAlN, tialcn, tin-AlN, CNx, DLC and ta- C composite coating.

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