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(Jewelry PVD Coating Machine)Three-pole or four-pole sputtering coating

(Jewelry PVD Coating Machine)Three-pole or four-pole sputtering coating


(Jewelry PVD Coating Machine)Three-pole or four-pole sputtering coating. It can realize low-pressure and low-voltage sputtering coating, and can independently control the discharge current and the ion energy of the bombardment target. The target current can be controlled, and radio frequency sputtering can also be carried out.

optical pvd coating equipment

Optical coating processing is a very important aspect of the development of vacuum system applications. It is based on vacuum processing technology, using physics or chemistry teaching methods, and absorbing a series of new technologies such as electron beams, molecular beams, and ion beams. Research and actual production provide a new process for thin film preparation.

The optical coating machine is mainly composed of a vacuum coating machine room, a vacuum pump unit and an electrical cabinet (control electrical cabinet and electronic gun electrical cabinet). It is widely used in microelectronics, optical film formation, civil decoration, surface engineering and other fields. Optical coating equipment can prevent oil pollution and It has excellent performance in shortening the working cycle.

Jewelry PVD Coating Machine,optical pvd coating equipment

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