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by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-08
Below Listed Are Some Of The Different Window Film Models Available In The Market: Dyed Film: Three different technologies will be applied for achieving different performance characteristics in dyed films. The first is simply a dye that absorbs the heat. This double-glazed window films do not allow air between panes. The other two processes are called as deposition technology and sputtering technology. In this technology, a layer of the metallic particles will be deposited in the film, which gives a reflective coating. Sputtered Film: Sputtering technology is also considered as more complicated when compared to other options. This process is also basically done in vacuum chambers, but the plating is performed at the atomic level. This ion bombardment, which is often known as an atomic billiard, that causes groups of atoms for dislodging in small bursts. This will make them to scatter uniformly over the film. The practical advantages of sputtering are that twenty five to thirty different metals will be used. Moreover, the metallized coating of these films are much lighter. The result will be highly reflective layers that come with very light mirror effect, color shift and heat absorption. As sputtering is more expensive,these films come in high-end price range. Apart from this, when you are looking for window film Denver, you will also find hybrid film in front of you. For More Information Please Visit :
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