It is well known that eyeglasses are used to correct vision

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-30
Eyeglasses consist of two main parts, lenses and frame. There are lots of people who think that our eyeglasses must be the quality ones, because they choose the quality eyeglasses frame and lenses. However, seldom people know that eyeglasses are not the pieces that just combine frame with lenses simply. They are still related to the technique the optician installs lenses with. Unskillful optician may make wrong optical center for your eyeglasses. Anyway, choosing quality frame and lenses is also very important. In detail, you should choose the right sized frame. And the color of the frame should suit your skin color, hair color. Besides, to make the eyeglasses look well on you, you should choose frame according to your face shape. For example, if you have an oval shaped face, you can choose almost any shape of frame. But for people who have round faces, they are not recommended to wear round eyeglasses. The principle in frame selection is choosing the frames which don't contradict to your face shape. In addition, it is also very important to choose proper lenses. Today, there are glass lenses, resin lenses and PC lenses available for eyeglasses. Glass lenses are anti-scratch, but they are easy to break. So this kind of material is not recommended for children or those who love sports games. Resin lenses are light-weight and resistant, but they are easy to be scratched. If you want to choose resin lenses, you should better also choose anti-scratch coating. Still PC lenses are light-weight and impact-resistant which are favored by lots of people who love sports games. From the stated above, we know that a pair of quality eyeglasses not only needs to be equipped with quality frame and lenses, but also requires to be well installed correctly. So be careful to choose the quality one for the sake of your health.
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