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by:ZHENHUA     2020-06-17
Garage floor coatings may face drawbacks for some reasons. First, the floor should be prepared to receive a coating. Years of grime have to be removed before applying solvents and proprietary cleaners. These are sold at industrial supply houses, paint stores, home centers and hardware stores. You must also consider pressure washing, if the floor is filthy. And, buy some good grease-cutting detergent from the rental store. Second, when you apply alkyd or modified alkyd paints on concrete. In the case of oil-based paints also called alkyd paints, the moisture reacts with the alkaline in the concrete and loosens the paint's bond with the concrete. It is wise not to use alkyd or modified alkyd paints on concrete. Finally, when car touches the garage, it is already hot. The heat can melt the paint and cause the paint to peel. Fortunately, there are ways to beat all the above problems New Formulas to the Rescue - Epoxy Floor Coatings Epoxy Floor Coatings have come to the rescue with new technology and new formulations. Epoxy Floor Coatings is a waterborne coating comprising epoxy and acrylic resins. These coatings are scientifically formulated to withstand hot-tire pick up, and attack by chemicals that spill from a car or come in on by the car's tires. Another Alternative: Stain You can stain your concrete, much like you stain wood. They get soaked into the concrete and don't form a film the way paint does. Acid stain brand has been used for many long years, and is available in a wide and impressive range of colors and can be given any color you prefer. The stain is applied with a roller. It is ready for foot traffic in a few hours and car traffic in 3- 5 days depending on temperature and humidity. A Friendly Word of Advice Regardless of what you do with your garage floor, remember that the coating is only as good as its preparation. The surface needs to be clean and dry before you perform anything. Walls, doors and thresholds have to be protected with masking tape. Take precautions to keep kids and pets off the surface, or you will have a real mess on your hands.
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