It is hard to turn on the television these days

by:ZHENHUA     2020-05-24
My busy life has led me to, shall we say, fast food lifestyle. My husband and I would leave work every day and head right to a fast food restaurant for breakfast. We have spent an average of $ 10.00 every morning. Lunch hour to roll around, and we spend more time at $ 10.00 or more. Before heading back to the office, we would like to stop at a coffee $ 3.00 tune. There it is $ 23.00 per day, five days a week. Now keep in mind that it is average. Many days we have spent more, depending on where we went for breakfast and lunch. I decided that one day we're going to take on fast food way of life and a break to find out how much money we can save. I have a trip to the store and bought some simple breakfast food and some lunch meat and bread for lunch. I even bought a coffee and cream and dusted off the coffee machine in the office. I spent about as much money as I would have spent one day in my old one. For the week, we had breakfast at home every day, and I did grab lunch at the office. After lunch, I brewed a pot of coffee and sat and enjoyed it right into our office. I learned a lot of advantages to this new way of life. First, we ate a lot healthier, and because we were feeling much better. We also realized how nice it was to trudge outside in winter weather to hunt down our dinner. However, my favorite was the realization of what was inside the envelope ... Every day from Monday to Friday, after our our dinner, I would put $ 23.00 in an envelope. At the end of the week, I have $ 115.00! I am not a mathematician, but I quickly realized that there was $ 460.00 per month! Here's $ 5,520.00 per year. This is a holiday fund for a new used car, pay off credit cards and so on. Can you find a place to put the $ 5,520.00?
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