Is there free rainbow film coating machine sample provided?
In general, Guangdong Zhenhua Technology Co., Ltd. can provide samples of regular products for customers. Normally the sample we offer you is free and the freight is charged. As a professional coating machine manufacturer, we can offer samples. If you have special requirements for your sample, we can also customize it. Our sample absolutely conforms to the appearance and performance of the product, and you can know the exact information about our products once you receive the sample. The sample charge could be refunded if you place an order.

Decorative Film Coating Equipment from Zhenhua Technology dominates the main market. Zhenhua Technology provides a wide range of Roll to Roll Coating Equipment for customers. All production processes of ZHENHUA Auto-Lamp Protective Film Coating Equipment are operated at the highest possible standards. The machine realizes the automatic control of the coating process. The product is designed to make sure variations in the driver current's output are minimized. It also eliminates the factors that cause flicker when using. It is characterized by high-precision film coating technology.

The existence of coating machine tenet leads Zhenhua Technology since its establishment. Inquire now!
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