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Ion source technology and its application in vacuum coating equipment

Ion source technology and its application in vacuum coating equipment


Ion source technology and its application in vacuum coating equipment

The ion source ionizes neutral atoms or molecules, and the lead ion beam flows out of the device. It is an indispensable part of vacuum coating machines in various ion accelerators, mass spectrometers, electromagnetic isotope separators, ion implanters, ion beam etching devices, ion thrusters, neutral beam implanters and controlled fusion devices.

Gas discharge, electron beams collide with gas atoms (or molecules), charged particle beam sputtering of working materials and surface ionization processes can generate ions and be guided into beams. According to different conditions and uses, many types of ion sources have been developed. The widely used arc discharge ion source, PIG ion source, dual plasma ion source and Shuangpeng ion source are all based on the gas discharge process and are usually referred to as the arc source for short. The high-frequency ion source generated by the high-frequency discharge in the gas has also been widely used. The emergence of new types of heavy ion sources such as electron cyclotron resonance ion source (ECR) and electron beam ion source (EBIS) have significantly improved the state of charge of heavy ions. There are two types of negative ion sources: load transfer type and sputtering type. Under certain conditions, all ion sources based on gas discharge technology can provide a certain negative ion beam. The ion source is a subject with a wide range of applications. In many basic research fields such as atomic physics, plasma chemistry, and nuclear physics, the ion source is a very important and indispensable device.

In the ion source thruster experiment, it was found that the thruster material flew out of the ion source, which opened up the application of the ion source in materials, especially the surface modification of materials. Another important application of ion sources is high energy physics. To be precise, the ion accelerator. Simply put, an ion source is used to generate ions of a material that accelerates along a magnetic ring to bombard a target, produce new substances or reveal new laws of physics.

There are many types of ion sources in the vacuum coating machine. The main types of ion sources are: high frequency ion source, arc discharge ion source, Kaufman ion source, radio frequency ion source, Hall ion source, cold cathode ion source, electron cyclotron ion source, anode layer ion source, inductively coupled ion Sources and many other types of ion sources have not been mentioned. Although there are many types of ion sources, their purpose is nothing more than online cleaning, improving the energy distribution and modulation of the coating surface to increase the energy of the reaction gas. The ion source can greatly improve the bonding strength of the film and the substrate, and can also increase the hardness and wear resistance of the film itself

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