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Introduction to Zhenhua continuous coating line

Introduction to Zhenhua continuous coating line


Introduction to Zhenhua continuous coating line

PECVD(Plasma Enhance Chemical Vapor Deposition)magnetic sputtering coating line is the large scale continually deposition for flat workpiece. It has the advantage of fast deposite speed, high quality, and can coat the Oxidized film, Nrtridized film, Oxynitridized film, Silicon film and Carbonizd Silicon film.

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Vacuum heat treatment of vacuum coating equipment refers to the technology that metal parts are heated in vacuum or vacuumized first and then heated in inert gas, and then quenched and cooled in oil or gas. In the vacuum heat treatment, the workpiece is not oxidized and the steel is not decarburized. The ventilation and convection heating can make the heating uniform, reduce the temperature difference between the surface and the center, and thus reduce the distortion. At present, it has become an indispensable and preferred heat treatment process for high-quality tooling. What's more, vacuum heat treatment will not produce any substances that pollute the environment in the production process, so it is recognized as a clean production technology. It is no exaggeration to say that vacuum heat treatment has become the main symbol of the current advanced heat treatment production technology.

Heating the workpiece in vacuum mainly depends on radiation. Because the radiation heat transfer is proportional to the fourth power of temperature, the radiation effect is not high below 850 ℃, and the heating speed of workpiece is very slow; secondly, some alloy elements in metal materials have evaporation loss phenomenon when they are heated under low pressure, which will cause the depletion of surface alloy elements, thus affecting the surface layer performance after quenching. Convection heating technology refers to first pumping the vacuum furnace furnace of vacuum coating equipment to a certain degree of vacuum, then passing 0.1-0.2mpa inert (AR, he), neutral (N2) or reductive (H2) gas, and heating under the condition of full agitation. Compared with the pure vacuum condition, the heating speed can be at least doubled.

High carbon, high alloy die steel vacuum coating equipment after vacuum heating austenitizing in inert, neutral or reducing gas quenching cooling is inert. Quenching and cooling in neutral or reducing gas is the only way to ensure the quality. However, air cooling under negative pressure and atmospheric pressure can not make large-scale workpiece or batch charge obtain good hardening effect. One is that the gas itself also needs to be cooled, the other is that the cooling capacity of the gas should be increased under the condition of limited volume only by increasing the amount of cooling gas, that is, increasing the pressure of cooling gas.

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