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Introduction to the principle and advantages of PVD multi-arc ion coating machine

Introduction to the principle and advantages of PVD multi-arc ion coating machine


Introduction to the principle and advantages of PVD multi-arc ion coating machine

PVD coating machine

The principle of the arc evaporation source of PVD multi-arc ion coater is self-sustained arc discharge through cold cathode, which is a kind of field emission. The typical basic structure of the evaporation source is as follows: the substrate to be plated is connected to the cathode, and the anode is connected to the vacuum chamber. When the vacuum chamber is pumped to a higher vacuum state, the contact of the trigger electrode starter opens, and a stable arc discharge is formed between the anode and the cathode. There are many fast-moving cathode light spots on the surface of the cathode. The diameter of the light spot is between 1 and 2 μm, and the light spot of about 10 μm can move tens of meters per second. The current density is 10⁵A/cm⁷-10⁷A/cm⁷, the voltage between the electrodes is also reduced to 20v-40v, there is some plasma in front of the cathode spot, the electrons move quickly to the anode, and the ions are in a relatively static state. In the coating space, the positive ions in front of the cathode spot gather into positive space charges, and a high-intensity electric field of 10⁵V/cm~10⁶ is formed near the cathode surface to overcome the potential barrier at the cathode and maintain the discharge through strong electron emission. However, some ions are bombarded by the cathode, resulting in rapid local evaporation and ionization of the cathode spots, making the cathode spots a source of evaporation for micro-dots. In the cathode target area, these micro-point evaporation sources move irregularly in the cathode target area due to the insulation shielding and the magnetic field.

1. The so-called multi-arc ion coating machine is an ion coating equipment with multiple arc evaporation sources as the core, also known as multi-arc coating, arc coating, arc coating, etc. Compared with other coating processes, it has the following advantages:

2. The whole machine has simple structure, high production efficiency and short working cycle, which is suitable for large-scale industrial production.

3. Large coating space. The arc evaporation source is solid and can be flexibly placed without additional heating, making it easier to install and replace the workpiece.

4. Wide process range. Suitable for reactive plating and ion plating under higher vacuum or lower ambient temperature (200°C).

5. It has excellent membrane properties. The bombardment heating, cleaning, and deposition of the workpiece are completed by ion metal plasma bombardment, achieving "one arc and three functions", the film structure is compact, and the coating and the plated parts are firmly combined.

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