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Introduction to head lamp vacuum coating machine

Introduction to head lamp vacuum coating machine


According to this market demand,Zhenhua Technology painstaking research and develop innovative solution for customers, launch ZYB-1350M and ZYB-1800B auto-lamp protective film special coating equipment and applied successfully to Shen Lung,  FAW,DMF,GEELY,JAC etc headlights plating,and also widely applied to many auto-lamp manufacturers.The equipments use integration design,with nice appearence,compact structure,small footprint.Single shaft,auto-lamp plating without size limit, use different clamp,ensure consistent film and more uniform.High pumping speed,can complete a round of plating in about 7 or 8 minuts, improve working efficiency,save time,labor and power consumption.Ensure customers can achieve goals of industrial and business more better,get the maximum economic benefit

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The antireflection coated glass is obtained after the antireflection film is plated on the surface of ordinary ultra white glass by vacuum coating equipment and then tempered. It can effectively reduce the solar reflectance of the glass surface, thus improving the energy transmittance, and ultimately improve the power generation efficiency of solar cells. It is the latest technology and product in the world. Photovoltaic antireflection glass can increase the visible light transmittance by 2.5%, which can improve the conversion efficiency of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cell module. The conversion efficiency difference of 1% means the cost difference of about 6-7%.

The uniformity distribution of the optical film is very high. The rotating cathode (cylinder target) is different from the plane cathode (plane target), and there is no obvious etching groove, so the uniformity distribution of the optical film is far better than the plane cathode. Three beam company has specially developed a two terminal fixed rotating cathode for the magnetron sputtering optical coating machine. The double end fixed structure is also necessary for optical sputtering. It avoids the swing phenomenon of the non fixed end of the single end fixed structure, and ensures the time stability of the film thickness.

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