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Introduction of Zhenhua's Evaporation Coating Machine

Introduction of Zhenhua's Evaporation Coating Machine


Introduction of Zhenhua's Evaporation Coating Machine

Our company is established in 1992, and since then we began to design and produce evaporation coating machine and magnetron sputtering coating machine and other type of machines, the size of vacuum chamber can be designed according customers’ products, the biggest is diameter 2400*2400mm height. Have vertical and horizontal style. Horizontal style is best choice for coating rainbow color.

The evaporation coating machine can be use on various materials such as ABS,PS,PP,PC,PVC,nylon, metal, glass,etc.

vacuum coating machine

The role of mobile phone coating:

1. Brightening HD: After the nano liquid coating is cured, the transmittance of the nano protective layer can reach 99.99%. The true color of the screen is restored to the greatest extent, the gloss is higher, and the old machine is changed into a new one.

2. Strengthen the mobile phone screen: The hardness theory of the nano-liquid coating protective layer can reach more than 9H, which has the effect of strengthening the mobile phone screen.

3. High protection: The protective layer of nano-liquid coating is composed of titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide, which has excellent stability. Generally, acid and alkali substances cannot decompose it, and it has high hardness and oxidation resistance, so that the protective layer is resistant to friction. , Anti-oxidation, anti-acid rain and other effects.

4. High sensitivity: The protective layer of the nano-liquid coating is closely attached to the screen of the mobile phone, which makes the mobile phone touch more accurate and more sensitive. It solves the problems of unresponsive mobile phone and touch failure after the mobile phone is filmed. The coating is very strong, not easy to fall off, no foam, no curling.

5. Super durability: After the nano-liquid coating, the protective layer and the screen are fully integrated, with super strong oxidation resistance, so that the screen glossiness can continue to reach 1-2 years.

6. Environmental protection and safety: Nano liquid coating adopts all environmental protection materials, non-toxic, non-polluting, acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant.

7. Easy to clean: The protective layer of nano-liquid coating has super strong water transmission, and the surface oil stains are as clean as a new one.

Application range of US-plated nano coating:

The coatings of the Paragon Nano mobile phone can effectively protect your mobile phones, glasses, watches, tablets, household appliances, digital products, car glass, reversing mirrors, etc.!

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