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Introduction of vacuum coating machine

Introduction of vacuum coating machine


ZHENHUA is a professional manufacturer of vacuum coating machine

The Zhenhua Technology has all the reseaching, sales, production and serve department. Our main product: Optical coating machine, high class plastic coating machine, multi-arc magnetron coating machine, in-line coating machine. Our products is widely applied to optical, electronic, toys, construction metarial,metal, watch and clock, auto industrial and decoraction application With all the well production facility such as production centre, polishing centre, CNC machine and leak detector, we has very strong production ability.

vacuum coating machine

Introduction of vacuum coating machine:


LP-BSD Vertical Double Door Vacuum Steaming Machine


1.Decoration / Auto Lampshade / Alloy Tire Steel Ring / Cosmetic Container

2.Perfume bottles / mirrors / electrical parts / NCVM and metallized steaming


1. The left and right furnace doors can be steamed individually

2.Steaming process has 4 groups to choose from

3.Can be installed with RF cleaning device

4. With plasmon polymerization (HMDS) surface treatment module, the manufacturing process meets environmental protection, low pollution, and can also meet the product surface needs water blocking, gas blocking or hydrophobic characteristics, so as to increase the added value

PVD vacuum coating machine

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