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Introduction of vacuum coating equipment

Introduction of vacuum coating equipment


Introduction of vacuum coating equipment

The scope of application of vacuum coating machine is as follows:

1) Flexible packaging in the food industry: biscuits and bakery products, candy, coffee, tea, chocolate bars, soups, high barrier films;

2) Decoration: gift wrapping, trademark, hot stamping foil, holographic, etc.;

3) Various technologies and daily necessities: aluminized wire for textile industry, sunscreen film for construction and automobile industry, security and anti-counterfeiting (holographic), capacitive film, electrostatic shielding (cable and electronics);

Maintenance and safe operation of vacuum coating machine:

1. The grounding of the equipment must be reliable, and the conductive effect of the grounding device should be checked frequently.

     2. The cooling water must be connected to the diffusion pump and the oil booster pump before heating, and the pump will stop working. However, when the pump is cooled to below 80 degrees Celsius, the cooling water must not be cut off to prevent the pump core from burning.

3. When the diffusion pump and oil booster pump are heated, do not contact with the atmosphere to avoid oxidation of the pump oil.

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