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Introduction of three kinds of vacuum coating equipment

Introduction of three kinds of vacuum coating equipment


Introduction of three kinds of vacuum coating equipment

Vacuum Evaporation Coating Machine: Evaporation coating equipment is the first successfully developed coating equipment among all coating equipment in China. It has been successfully developed in China in the 1950s. There are many varieties of evaporation coating equipment, including optical coatings for coating optical films. The equipment is mainly used for optical equipment, laser equipment and microelectronic equipment, etc., as well as coil coating equipment made by the principle of evaporation coating, which is used in decoration, electronic equipment packaging and other industries.

Sputtering Coater: The ion target is sputtered and deposited on the substrate to form a thin film. The sputtering coating equipment can coat various thin films such as ITO conductive film, dielectric film, semiconductor film, metal film, magnetic film, high temperature superconducting film, single crystal film, decoration film, etc. , Disk film plating. Curtain wall glass film used in construction industry, capacitor film in electronic industry, solid smooth film in aerospace vehicle, solar cell in power, and gas, packaging, infrared technology and many other industries.


Ion coating machine: Ion coating equipment can be divided into arc ion coating, radio frequency discharge ion coating, hollow cathode ion plating, etc. Ion plating is determined by its coating principle to have fast accumulation speed, dense coating quality, and good film adhesion. . It is widely used in tools, molds and other industries, and can be plated with metal film, hard film, imitation gold film and so on.

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