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Introduction of single door high vacuum coil coating machine

Introduction of single door high vacuum coil coating machine


Introduction of single door high vacuum coil coating machine

The single-door high vacuum coil coating machine integrates vacuum, refrigeration, hydraulic, pneumatic, optoelectronic and mechanical technologies, and has the characteristics of stable performance, reliable quality and high production efficiency. This machine is mainly used to coat metal aluminum on the surface of rolled plastic films such as PET, CPP, OPP, PVC, PE, etc. It is suitable for clothing, packaging, printing, anti-counterfeiting, electronic industry and other fields.

The main purpose:

1. Flexible packaging in the food industry: biscuits and bakery products, candy, coffee, tea, chocolate bars, soups, high barrier films, etc.

2. Decoration: Gift wrapping, logos, hot stamping foil, holography, etc.

3. Various technical and daily necessities: aluminized wires for the textile industry, sunscreens for the construction and automotive industries, security and anti-counterfeiting (holographic), capacitive films, electrostatic shielding (cables and electronics).

main feature:

1. The whole machine is equipped with high-quality PLC microprocessor and touch-type color LCD screen, all operating parameters are displayed digitally, and the equipment control is user-friendly.

2. The vacuum system of the machine is reasonably equipped, the pumping speed is fast, and the efficiency is high.

3. The winding system adopts high-end special frequency conversion motor and precise frequency converter, with stable operation and high speed; no scratches or wrinkles on the original coil, and the winding end face is neat.

4. Tension control adopts imported digital tension control system, the tension is constant, accurate and fast in response.

5. The vacuum chamber, evaporation furnace and partitions are all equipped with cooling systems to ensure that the product has little deformation, no dark lines and no black lines.

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