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Introduction of roll to roll coating machine produced by Chinese manufacturers

Introduction of roll to roll coating machine produced by Chinese manufacturers


Introduction of roll to roll coating machine produced by Chinese manufacturers

The first large PECVD mangetic sputtering roll-to-roll coating machine in China. With multi deposite unit, multi spindle structure, it can deposite the SiOx barrier film on thin film. The film has the advantage of fast deposite speed and high quality. Mainly used for high class barrier film in electronic product and medical instrument application.

vacuum coating machine

The winding coating equipment is a kind of continuous coating equipment on flexible substrate by physical vapor deposition. According to the working principle, the common vacuum winding coating equipment are: magnetron sputtering winding coating, evaporation winding coating and combined winding coating. According to its use, it can be divided into decoration film winding equipment, packaging film winding equipment and functional film winding equipment. So what is functionality and what is decoration? Let's have a look:

1. Functionality

By using different coating methods to coat semiconductor film, metal film, insulating film, optical multilayer film and other films on flexible substrates such as plastic film, paper, metal tape and cloth, not only the surface hardness, mechanical strength and water resistance of the films can be improved, but also the oil resistance, solvent resistance and aging resistance can be increased, making them have conductivity, absorption, reflection, insulation and resistance As a result, these flexible materials have some special functions. Or due to the formation of metal or ceramic film, thus preventing the invasion of water and solvents, not being corroded by chemicals, easy to weld, etc.

2. Decorative

The luster and color of various metals and optical films make them more beautiful and durable, and expand their use range. For example, plating metal and medium film on the plastic surface can make the plastic have a strong metal or medium light layer and make it into a reflector and radiation radiator; it can also make the plastic obtain the appearance of similar metal products for decoration.

At present, the development of vacuum winding coating technology has become more and more mature. In addition to broadening the application field of traditional winding coating products, at present, the technology frontier is to continuously develop films and coating substrates with special functional properties, and develop composite films. It is very popular to study the technology of composite film and substrate film for flexible display screen. This also puts forward a new topic for the development of vacuum winding coating equipment.

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