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Introduction of PECVD roll to roll coating machine produced by Zhenhua factory

Introduction of PECVD roll to roll coating machine produced by Zhenhua factory


Introduction of PECVD roll to roll coating machine produced by Zhenhua factory

With 5 motor drive technology,(the machine)constant speed and stretching force control system. Fully automatic control(Pumping and rolling ) easy to adjust the product. The machine can be used for the capacitor film, barrier film, flexiable PCB and packing film.

vacuum coating machine

Now the coating industry is widely used, including: hard coating (application knife mold), protective coating, optical film, architectural glass coating, solar thermal, solar cells, integrated circuits, information display devices (LCD, etc.), decorative coating, etc. The coating industry is divided into many categories, among which the vacuum winding coating equipment, as a new industry of the coating industry, is more green and environmentally friendly than the chemical coating, and there is no pollution, which will replace the chemical coating.

First of all, we will talk about the working principle of the vacuum coating equipment. Under the vacuum condition, the vacuum coating adopts the arc discharge technology of low voltage and high current, the gas discharge technology, the other discharge is the evaporation of the target material and the ionization of the evaporated substance and the gas, and the acceleration of the electric field is used to deposit the evaporated substance and the reaction product on the workpiece. Common vacuum winding coating equipment can be divided into evaporation winding coating, magnetron sputtering winding coating and combined winding coating according to its working principle.

Nowadays, there are two ways to make the coating industry, one is chemical meteorological deposition, one is chemical coating (CVD), the other is physical meteorological deposition, that is, vacuum coating (PVD).

Chemical coating is the process of chemical reaction on the substrate surface by introducing the gaseous reactant or other gases needed for the liquid reaction into the reaction chamber. In the process of chemical film, it is easy to produce solution pollution. If there are many impurities on the surface of the coating, the effect of plating is not good.

The reaction temperature required for chemical coating is very high, generally controlled at about 1000 ℃, but many base materials are unable to withstand the high temperature. In time, cemented carbide can withstand the high temperature, but in the environment of chemical coating production, due to the high temperature, coarse grains, brittle phases and performance deterioration will be caused. If tin is plated on the cemented carbide, the carbon diffused from the crystal will react with the solution to form a decarburized layer, which has poor toughness and low bending strength, thus shortening the service life of the tool.

Vacuum winding coating equipment can solve a series of problems of chemical coating. All coating materials are deposited on the surface of the workpiece by plasma in the vacuum environment, which solves the problem of solution pollution in the chemical coating, does not produce toxic or polluting substances, and the coating is higher in hardness, better in wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and more stable in performance. The application of vacuum coating has attracted the attention of manufacturing industry all over the world. It is pollution-free, in line with the development direction of modern green manufacturing, and in line with the world's environmental theme. Therefore, it is inevitable that the chemical coating is gradually replaced by vacuum winding coating.

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