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Introduction of optical pvd coating equipment

Introduction of optical pvd coating equipment


Introduction of optical pvd coating equipment

optical pvd coating equipment can produce various film, such as short wave pass, long wave pass, antireflective film, reflective film, filter film, spectroscopic film, dielectric film, high reflective film, color reflective film and so on. It can realize 0-99 film system structure and also meet the requirements of automobile reflective glass, telescope, spectacles, optical lens, cold glass, etc.

The equipment is equipped with umbrella-shaped multi-sheet fixture or single arched workpiece umbrella holder, with different evaporation sources, electron guns, ion sources and film thickness gauges. It can be used to deposit various film systems, evaporate metals, oxides, compounds and other high melting point materials, and realize superhard coating on glass surface.

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1. The vacuum system is composed of mechanical pump, diffusion pump, augmentation pump, oil booster pump, roots pump, crucible wheel molecular pump, etc., and various pneumatic, manual, electric valves and pipelines matching them.

2. Choose different specifications and types of coating equipment according to process requirements. The types include resistance evaporation, electron beam evaporation, magnetron sputtering, magnetron reactive sputtering, ion plating, hollow cathode ion plating, multi-arc ion plating, etc.

3. The furnace body can be selected from the double-layer water-cooled structure made of stainless steel, carbon steel or their combination.

4. The operation mode of the fixture includes rotation, revolution and revolution + rotation. The user can put forward corresponding requirements according to the size and shape of the substrate. The rotation speed range and rotation accuracy: general adjustable and frequency conversion speed regulation.

5. Inflation method can choose mass flow meter, float flow meter + needle valve and corresponding inflation valve, and can choose multi-channel inflation pipeline and corresponding flow parameters.

6. Choose the plating method and form according to the process requirements. For vacuum measurement, you can choose a digital intelligent vacuum gauge and its high-quality measurement regulations, and other measuring instruments. For film thickness measurement, square resistance measuring instrument, transmittance meter, etc. can be selected.

7. According to the characteristics of the equipment, you can choose manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic or a combination of control methods.

8. According to the structure to be baked, the baking temperature, the material and the corresponding instruments required for measurement shall be proposed.

9. A complete alarm system provides sound and light alarms for abnormal conditions such as vacuum chamber, water shortage, diffusion pump phase failure, air pressure, power supply overpressure and overcurrent.

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