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Introduction of NCVM film coating machine

Introduction of NCVM film coating machine


Introduction of NCVM film coating machine

The double door evaporation coating machine adopts the principle of vacuum evaporation coating, and uses indium and indium tin alloy material evaporation coating to plate non conductive vacuum metallization film on the plastic parts of electronic products. NCVM process enables plastic parts to have metallized appearance and achieve insulation effect at the same time. The coating will not attenuate any high-frequency signal, which can effectively ensure the transmission and reception of communication signals. At the same time, it has metal coating mirror effect and rich color. It is an ideal high-tech for 3C electronic products mirror and appearance parts.

vacuum coating machine

Evaporative coating generally heats the target material to evaporate surface components in the form of atomic groups or ions. And it settles on the surface of the substrate and forms a thin film through the film formation process (scattering point-island structure-vagus structure-layered growth). For sputtering coatings, it can be simply understood as bombarding the target with electrons or high-energy lasers, and the surface components are sputtered out in the form of atomic groups or ions, and finally deposited on the substrate surface, undergoing the film formation process, and finally forming a thin film .

Scope edit

1. Construction hardware: bathroom hardware (such as faucet). Door lock. Door Handle. Bathroom, hardware hinges, furniture, etc.

2. Watchmaking industry: can be used for watch case. Strap coating, crystal products.

3. Other small hardware: leather hardware. Stainless steel cutlery. Spectacle frames, cutters, molds, etc.

4. Large workpieces: automobile wheels, stainless steel plates. sign. Sculpture, etc.

5. Stainless steel tubes and plates (various types of surfaces)

6. Furniture, lamps, and hotel appliances.

7. Locks, handles, bathroom hardware, golf heads, stainless steel tableware, utensils and other hardware products are coated with super-hard decorative film.

8. Watches, straps, glasses, jewelry and other decorations are plated with ultra-abrasion-resistant decoration (gold and silver) nano-films and nano-films and nano-laminated films.

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