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Introduction of Continuous Coating Line

Introduction of Continuous Coating Line


Introduction of Continuous Coating Line

The horizontal continuous magnetron coating line is composed of seven independent vacuum chambers, with one coating chamber which are equipped with an ion cleaning and heating function. Vacuum isolation of vacuum pumping system adopts independent door valve, and vacuum isolation is very reliable. The vacuum chamber adopts the building block structure, and the coating chamber can be expanded according to the function.

The control system of the coating line adopts PLC control system, which combines with touch screen, makes the operation convenient and intuitive. The coating line has designed a complete functional menu to realize the whole process monitoring of the operation status of the components of the whole coating line, as well as the function of process parameter setting, operation protection and alarm. The whole electric control system is safe, reliable and stable.

vacuum coating machine

The magnetron sputtering coating line can be applied to the production of curtain wall glass, aluminum mirrors, and mirrors. It is equipped with rotating cathode and planar cathode magnetron sputtering targets. One or more layers of special metals or metal oxides, metal nitride films, metal elemental films, composite films, Low-E radiation films can also be coated on small curved glass. The output of the coating line is high, and the annual coating can be more than 2 million square meters. The multi-chamber transmission ensures the uniformity and physicality of the film layer.

Cavity structure: the use of efficient horizontal continuous magnetic control coating line, equipped with front and rear rough pumping room, front and rear transition room, front and rear fine pumping room, front and rear buffer room, color plating room.

Target design: A new type of rotating cathode target and a flat cathode target are used.

Power supply configuration: equipped with high power medium frequency magnetron sputtering power supply

Transmission system: roller drive, variable frequency adjustable, inductive door opening system.

Vacuum system: diffusion pump (molecular pump) + roots pump + mechanical pump + cryogenic pump

Can be coated glass or flat plate, the size can be customized

The production line adopts advanced plug-in valves for chamber partition, which can achieve effective partition and stabilize the process gas.

The production line adopts a uniform intake pipe structure design, and the air injection is even and smooth;

Electrical control: The production line adopts PLC full process control, fast production cycle, and is equipped with an industrial computer display system.

Man-machine dialogue: The control system can realize man-machine dialogue, timely necessary intervention in the production process. During the operation, there are alarm prompts and fault displays. The fault display can prompt the operator for correct operation and troubleshooting.

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