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Introduction of chrome layer of vacuum coating equipment

Introduction of chrome layer of vacuum coating equipment


Introduction of chrome layer of vacuum coating equipment

When the concentration electrolysis test vacuum plating equipment is unchanged, the vacuum coating machine changes the current density, the temperature of the electrolyte, smooth (hard) chromium can get three different lattice layers, namely gray face, bright and milky white chromium layer.

1) The gray chrome layer is obtained at low temperature, and the chrome layer is obtained by vacuum coater at high current density. From a high degree (HV = uoo), a tough approach, a mesh pattern, intense colors, dark crystals. With measuring tool, chrome plated.

2) The bright chromium layer is the chromium layer obtained at the medium temperature, and the current density of the vacuum coating machine is small. High hardness (HV = 800), good toughness, wear resistance, low internal stress, dense grid lines, fine grains, bright surface. Suitable for repair of worn parts.

2) The milky white chrome layer is a chrome layer obtained at a higher temperature, the coating machine has a low current density, a plastic coating machine with low hardness (HV = 400 - 500), good plasticity, no network wrinkles, fine grains, like White, shock-loaded parts increase size and decorative chrome plated.

Porous (porous chrome plating, chrome plating layer) coating machine and point-shaped chrome layer and chrome layer groove-shaped, electrochemical methods and mechanical methods are available. Porous chrome plating adsorbs lubricating oil. Therefore, it has better wear resistance.

When the predetermined line is chrome-plated on the chrome-plated parts on the cathode, which will lead to the anode, the coating machine puts the acid solution of the personality in the electrolysis (electrolytic discharge), through DC, the surface of the chrome layer is coated with a thin and uniform layer!

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