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Introduction of China Car Lamp Protective Film Coating Machine

Introduction of China Car Lamp Protective Film Coating Machine


Introduction of China Car Lamp Protective Film Coating Machine

Car light as a functional part, it should have excellent heat resistance, mechanical properties, low fog value and good appearance. In the past, the car light must be processed by spraying paint and evaporation coating. Although spraying paint can improve the smoothness of the lamp surface, reduce the small molecule precipitates inside the material and improve the qualified rate of evaporation plating, it will cause high cost and pollution to the environment at the same time.

 Nowadays, many manufacturers tend to adopt the technology of direct evaporation coating without spraying. The technology of coating protective film on car light is widely used in various types of vehicles.

In view of this market demand, Zhenhua's auto-lamp protective film coating equipment provides innovative solutions for customers and meets the market demand. The machine solves the problem that PC/ABS car lamp needs spray painting for a long time. It allows the injection parts of car lamp to enter the vacuum chamber directly and complete the evaporation coating and protective film coating process at one time without spray painting or UV painting, so as to prevent secondary pollution without bottom spraying or surface spraying.

vacuum coating machine

NCVM adopts the plating of metal and marginal compounds and other thin films, taking advantage of the discontinuous characteristics of each other to obtain the ultimate appearance with a metal texture without affecting the effect of wireless communication transmission. First of all, it must be non-conductive to meet the normal use of wireless communication products; secondly, it must ensure the important appearance requirements of "metallic texture"; finally, through the combination of UV coatings and coatings, the ultimate guarantee of the product's physical properties and weather resistance can meet customer needs. NCVM can be applied to various plastic materials, such as PC, PC + ABS ABS, PMMA, NYLON, engineering plastics, etc. It is more in line with the green environmental protection requirements of the production process. It is a replacement technology for chrome-free (Non-Chrome) electroplated products. For all plastic products that require surface treatment, it is especially suitable for 3C products with signal transmission and reception, especially in the area around the antenna cover, such as Mobile-phone, PDA, Smart Phone, GPS satellite navigation, Bluetooth headset, etc.

Operation and maintenance of evaporation coating equipment. The working method of the evaporation coating equipment is to place the material to be plated and the substrate to be plated in a vacuum chamber, use a certain method to heat the material to be plated, to evaporate, sublime, and fly sputtering onto the surface of the substrate to be condensed into a film process.

Film formation under vacuum can reduce the collision of atoms and molecules of the evaporated material in the process of flying to the substrate, reduce the chemical reaction (such as oxidation, etc.) between the active molecules in the gas and the evaporation source material, and reduce the film formation process The amount of gas molecules in the film becomes impurities in the film, thereby providing the density, purity, deposition rate and adhesion of the film to the substrate.(CarLampProtectiveFilmCoatingMachine/Head Lamp Vacuum Coating Machine/Auto-lamp coating machine)

Generally, vacuum evaporation requires the pressure in the film-forming chamber to be equal to or lower than 10-2Pa. For applications where the distance between the evaporation source and the substrate is long and the film quality is very high, the pressure is lower.

(CarLampProtectiveFilmCoatingMachine/Head Lamp Vacuum Coating Machine/Auto-lamp coating machine)

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