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Introduce how to measure the film after coating by vacuum coating machine

Introduce how to measure the film after coating by vacuum coating machine


Introduce how to measure the film after coating by vacuum coating machine

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In our daily life, many daily necessities are coated with a layer of film by the coating machine, which makes the products not only more beautiful, but also more practical. But many people will have doubts, since it is a layer of film, the film must have a thickness, so what is the thickness of the film, and how to measure it? The following editor will introduce the vacuum coating machine in detail after coating. How to measure, I hope it will help you:

The film must be deposited on the substrate, so without the substrate there is no problem of depositing the film. The cleanliness of the substrate and the quality of the film are the most important influencing factors. At the same time, the thickness of the film must be known when making the film. It is meaningless to talk about the measurement of film properties from the thickness of the film. Therefore, the measurement of film thickness and the cleaning of substrates can be said to be an important technology related to film production. The so-called thickness refers to the distance between two completely parallel planes, which is a geometric concept. The ideal film thickness is the distance between the substrate surface and the film surface. In 3D measurements of film morphology, other 2D measurements are arguably infinite relative to film thickness. Since the actual surface is not uniform and discontinuous, and there may be pores, impurities, lattice defects, surface adsorption molecules, etc. inside the film, it is actually difficult to strictly define and accurately measure the thickness of the film. The definition of film thickness depends on the addressing method and addressing purpose. Therefore, the same film, using different measurement methods will get different results, that is, different thicknesses.

Surface measurement of thin-film oils is not a geometric concept, but a buried concept, referring to the collection of surface molecules (atoms). The average surface refers to the point where the algebraic sum of all atoms on the surface is equal to zero for this surface.

We usually refer to the average surface of the molecular set on the substrate side as the substrate surface; the average surface of the membrane side surface is called the shape surface of the membrane. The measured film atoms are rearranged so that the density and volume of the solid material are exactly the same and uniformly distributed on the surface of the substrate. The average surface is then called the film mass equivalent surface. According to the physical properties of the measured film, it is equivalent to a large solid material film with the same length and width as the measured film, and its average surface is called the physical equivalent surface of the film. Shape film thickness is the thickness of the film that is close to the intuitive form, usually in μm; mass film thickness reflects the amount of substances contained in the film, usually μg/cm#8217; physical film thickness as a unit, specific thickness Easier to measure and more useful in practical applications.

Since the actual surface is not smooth, and at the same time there are inevitably various defects, impurities and adsorbed molecules in the production process of the film, no matter which method is used to define and measure the thickness of the film, it is average and sufficient to include Impurities, defects, and adsorbed molecules, including film thickness values.

The vacuum coating machine is used for coating in a vacuum chamber and is used to measure the thickness of the film. Professional measuring instruments are required to measure the thickness size. Generally, the manufacturers of vacuum coating machines will sell such instruments.

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