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Inrad Optical Co. , Ltd.
Established in April 1, 1973 to develop, manufacture and sell products and services for the photon industry.
The company is a vertical integration manufacturer focusing on Crystal
Custom Optics based on optical elements and devices, glass and metal, and precision optics and optics-
Mechanical components.
The company\'s product categories include optical components and laser system equipment/instruments.
The company\'s customers include companies in the defense, aerospace, laser systems, process control and measurement departments of the photoelectric industry, as well as the US government, national laboratories and universities around the world.
The category of optical components focuses on optical manufacturing.
The company provides precision components.
It develops, manufactures and provides precision custom optics and film optical coating services through custom optics and metal optics business.
Processing of glass, metal and crystal substrates using manufacturing equipment, complex processes and techniques to manufacture assemblies, deposited optical films and assemblies
Components used in photon systems.
Customized optical components and optical coating services provided for inspection, process control systems, defense and aerospace electronics
Applications for optical systems, laser systems, industrial scanners, and medical systems.
Customized optical product line focuses on the manufacture of optical components and optical coatings (ultra-violet (UV)
Through infrared wavelengthRed Wavelength)
And components.
Plane, Prism and spherical assemblies made of glass and synthetic crystals, including fused quartz, ge, zinc selenium, zinc sulfide, magnesium fluoride and silicon.
Components include mirrors, lenses, Prism, wave sheets, polarized optics, x-
X-RAY monochromator
Light mirror and cavity optics for laser.
The metal optics product line is an integrated precision metal optics and optical assembly operation.
Photoelectric Products for metal optics
The mechanical design and assembly service is part of its manufacturing results, and reflect the porro prism and arc-by producing metal mirrors, thermal stable optical mirrors, low RMS surface finish polishing mirrors, diamond processing precision non-spherical mirrors and flat mirrors-
Second accuracy polygon and motor assembly.
Professional plating includes vacuum-
Free Gold and chemical nickel.
The UV filter optical element product line consists of crystal and crystal devices, including UV filter materials with transmission and absorption properties.
These materials are used in defense systems such as missile warning sensors.
This material includes nickel sulfate and other materials.
Laser equipment and instruments laser equipment/instrument categories include the growth and manufacture of crystal materialsoptic (EO)and non-
Linear optical properties for standard and custom products.
The category also includes crystals
Based on equipment and related instruments.
Crystals, crystal assemblies and laser equipment for laser systems, defense and safety EO systems, medical lasers, and R & D (R&D)
Applications for engineers from companies, universities and national laboratories.
The company is growing and producing electronic products.
Optical and nonlinear crystal devices used to change beam strength, polarization, or wavelength.
Other crystal assemblies produced as part of the product line of crystals and devices are used for laser research and commercial laser systems.
The company produces a range of Pockels batteries and related electronics that are sold in multiple markets.
Pockels cell is a device that includes one or more crystal assemblies for applications that require a rapid switching of the polarization direction of the beam.
These uses include Q-
Switch the laser cavity to generate a pulse laser, coupling the light from the regeneration amplifier to the outside, and perform light intensity modulation.
These devices are sold to medical and industrial laser OEMs, research institutes and laser system design engineers.
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