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Industry analysis of PVD vacuum coating equipment

Industry analysis of PVD vacuum coating equipment


Industry analysis of PVD vacuum coating equipment

PVD vacuum coating equipment

PVD vacuum coating machines are widely used in industrial production. In coating methods, evaporation plating, magnetron sputtering plating or ion plating is more common. In control technology, more advanced computer technology and microelectronics technology are used. Make the vacuum coating equipment more efficient and intelligent automation.

The vacuum coating industry has made great progress and great progress since the reform and opening up for more than 20 years. This is not only reflected in the substantial increase in output value and output, but also achieved considerable results in varieties, specifications and comprehensive technical levels. , Highlights the fact that the development and application of high-tech has promoted and driven the development and technological upgrading of the vacuum equipment industry.

In the past ten years, my country's vacuum coating machines have developed rapidly due to the large demand from enterprises. Various types of vacuum coating equipment with various coating processes are constantly increasing, and their functions are becoming more and more perfect.

As far as China is concerned, the people who have paid more attention to the vacuum coating industry in the past two years are mainly concentrated in the two regions of East China and South China. The attention paid to vacuum coating in the three provinces of Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu is far ahead of other provinces. There are more than 5,000 domestic vacuum coating companies, and there are more than 2,500 in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces, accounting for up to 50%. The two provinces play a pivotal role in leading the development of the domestic vacuum coating industry.

At present, vacuum coating machines are used in optics, glasses, plastic films, metals, lamps, ceramics, glass, cheap plastics, ceramics, as well as various plastic toys, plastic daily decorations, artificial jewelry, Christmas decorations, household appliances decoration, electrical appliances The surface of the instrument is metallized and coated, and the vacuum coating machine is widely used.

The customers we meet often have such confusion. After the demand for the coating layer of the product is large, they know what material their products need to be plated, and they also know that a layer of film should be coated on the material, but domestic and foreign coating machine manufacturers There are too many coating machines that have a major impact on the processing of the entire product and need to be purchased. However, I don't know what vacuum coating machine to purchase, and I don't know how to purchase a vacuum coating machine suitable for my company. So, how to choose a suitable brand coating machine?

The reference suggestions given by the experts are as follows:

1. Choose the type of vacuum coating machine according to the material of the workpiece to be coated and the effect of the coating. For example, if you are mainly engaged in high-quality processing, then we have to buy a vacuum aluminizing mirror machine; if you are engaged in plastic coating, such as in the automotive lampshade industry, then we have to choose a circular vertical vacuum coating machine.

2. The process parameters that can be achieved by the vacuum coating machine should be considered, such as coating color, roughness, adhesion, etc.

3. The power conditions of the equipment must be considered, and the power consumption must be considered according to the configuration. Otherwise, the power problem will not be solved, and the equipment will not be usable if it is bought back.

4. It is necessary to consider the capacity and quality of vacuum coating to choose a suitable vacuum coating machine. If the selection is small, the output cannot keep up. If the selection is large, the price will be high on the one hand, and on the other hand, excess capacity will cause waste of resources. And too big equipment is not suitable for all products.

5. For site issues, it is necessary to buy a vacuum coating machine with a large specification according to the requirements to consider how much area is needed to install the equipment.

6. Does the technology of the vacuum coating machine manufacturer support it? Is there a repair service? When purchasing, ask the manufacturer of the vacuum coating machine to recommend the factory that has purchased the coating machine, and ask about the quality of the coating machine of this coating machine manufacturer and how is the service?

7. The characteristics of high-end equipment, equipment stability must be good, and the selected accessories must be reliable. The coating machine itself is a complex system, including vacuum, automation, machinery and other systems. The unreliability of any component will cause The instability of the system will bring inconvenience to production. Therefore, a stable equipment must ensure that every component selected is reliable. Many people will naturally compare when buying a coating machine. The basic configuration of the coating machine and a 2 million coating machine may not be very different, but it is the mastery of some tiny details that makes a stable performance coating machine, the simplest sentence Words: You get what you pay for.

8. Look at which company's coating machine is selected by well-known companies in the same industry. This is undoubtedly the least risky option. In addition to well-known companies, there are also some small and medium-sized companies with very stable quality and good reputation. Through friends, find out which company’s equipment they are using. If you want to compete with these companies, choose a coater that is at least not worse than him. This is basic, and then hire an experienced coater to make your product. Will soon open the market.

9. At present, there are basically two types of vacuum pumping systems, one is a diffusion pump system and the other is a molecular pump system. The molecular pump system is a clean pumping system, without the oil return phenomenon of the diffusion pump, and the pumping speed is relatively stable. Moreover, it is relatively power-saving, and the expenditure of electricity is a large part of the production and operation costs of coating enterprises. The regular maintenance of the pump system is very important, especially the regular replacement of lubricating oil. Pay attention to the choice of the oil brand. The wrong choice can easily damage the vacuum pump.

10. The vacuum detection system is basically a combination of composite vacuum gauges, thermocouple gauges + ionization gauges. When this combination encounters a process of filling a large amount of gas containing C element, the ionization gauge is easily poisoned and damages the ionization gauge. If the process of plating a gas containing a large amount of C element, it can be considered to configure a capacitor film gauge.

11. Vacuum power supply, the gap between domestic power supply and imported power supply is quite obvious. Of course, the price is relatively favorable. A domestic 20KW intermediate frequency power supply is about 80,000, and an imported intermediate frequency power supply is 200,000. The performance and reliability of the imported power supply are Performance and stability will be better. Domestic power supplies may be better in service than imported power supplies because they are produced in China.

12. Control system. Now many vacuum coating machines adopt fully automatic control, but the difference in automatic control is still very big. Most of them are still in semi-automatic state, which can truly realize fully automatic control and one-button operation. There are not many coating equipments, and whether to provide sufficient safety interlocks during operation in automatic control, the functional modules are also very different.

13. Do you need to configure a low-temperature trap? The low-temperature trap can be said to be an icing on the cake. It can greatly increase the speed of air extraction, adsorb the condensable gas in the vacuum chamber on the cold coil, and purify the vacuum chamber The atmosphere makes the film quality better. In the hot and humid summer, the use of low-temperature traps undoubtedly improves production efficiency to a large extent, but the details should also be determined according to the actual site of the customer.

For customers, what they need is not a low-priced product, but a trade-off between brand and price, and choosing a brand that can meet their needs and meet their budget. When customers are faced with the choice of many suppliers due to specific needs, more and more customers tend to choose an influential brand or a brand that has been deeply cultivated in the industry for many years.

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